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Nos próximos dois anos, nós iremos trabalhar nos melhoramentos para a nossa área de trabalho do "site". Muitas das melhorias propostas são baseadas em "gadgets" e "scripts" do utilizador existentes, pesquisa de utilizador, e nos comentários que nós recebemos dos editores durante a Wikimania e posteriormente. A hiperligação abaixo é um protótipo das primeiras funcionalidades que nós gostaríamos de implementar. Many of the proposed improvements are based on existing gadgets and userscripts, user research, and the feedback we received from editors during Wikimania and afterwards. Linked below is a prototype of the first few features we would like to implement.

This prototype only includes the ideas of the first stage of the project. To see more ideas on the remaining parts of the project, please visit our project page

Nós agradecemos quaisquer ideias ou opiniões sobre estas alterações propostas. Todos e quaisquer comentários são apreciados! Para obter mais contexto sobre o desenho, por favor, leia o Wikimania relatório de pesquisa Stockholm. Any and all comments are appreciated! For more context on the design please read the Wikimania Stockholm research report.


  1. Por favor, abra o protótipo num separador novo (num computador ou portátil): https://people.wikimedia.org/~jdrewniak/dip/#/en/wiki/Moon
  2. Create a new section on this page using the form below (it will be pre-filled with the questions for you to respond to).
  3. Fill in your feedback about the prototype in your newly created section.

  • If you would prefer to send feedback via email, please send to Olga Vasileva at olga wikimedia.org.
  • Keep in mind that since this is a prototype most of the links don’t actually work, and there might be other bugs or quirks that you’ll come across.
  • The "new section form" unfortunately isn't compatible with the visual editor (VE). If you are using the visual editor, please manually create a new section and copy & paste the feedback questions (listed below).

Pré-visualização do Protótipo


Pré-visualização das questões de opinião/comentário

  1. Take a minute to look around. What are some of your initial impressions? Do you find anything confusing? Convenient? Particularly interesting? (Keep in mind that since this is a prototype some of the links might not work, and there might be other bugs or quirks that you’ll come across.)
    (o seu comentário aqui)
  2. Imagine you wanted to switch the article to another language. Can you figure out how to do so? What do you think of this experience?
  3. Imagine you wanted to collapse the main sidebar menu. Can you figure out how to do so? What do you think of this experience?
  4. The logged-out experience is slightly different. Please click the “Sair” link in the top corner. What do you notice that’s different from the logged-in experience? What do you think?
  5. Imagine your main objective is reading an article. What do you think of page layout and the reading experience? How does it compare with the current experience on Wikipedia?
  6. Please add any final thoughts, ideas, or questions.

Opinião / Comentário