Meza/Extensions installed by default

The following are the default extensions loaded by Meza on a fresh install.

Semantic extensions
Extension Description
Page Importer Extension to provide the ability to have extension-defined pages
Semantic Compound Queries A parser function that displays multiple semantic queries at the same time
Semantic Drilldown A drilldown interface for navigating through semantic data
Semantic Internal Objects Setting of internal objects in Semantic MediaWiki
Semantic Meeting Minutes Provides a simple method to enter meeting minutes into MediaWiki using Semantic Forms and embed minutes into related pages
Semantic MediaWiki Making your wiki more accessible - for machines and humans (online documentation)
Semantic Result Formats Additional result formats for Semantic MediaWiki queries
Special pages
Extension Description
Admin Links Adds a special page that holds helpful links for administrators
BatchUserRights Allows adding one or more users to a group or more groups in one action
Contribution Scores Polls the wiki database for highest user contribution volume
CopyWatchers ⧼copywatchers-desc⧽
Data Transfer Allows for importing and exporting data contained in template calls
Echo System for notifying users about events and messages
Interwiki Adds a special page to view and edit the interwiki table
Page Forms Forms for creating and editing wiki pages
Replace Text Provides a special page to allow administrators to do a global string find-and-replace on all the content pages of a wiki
WatchAnalytics Encouraging good distribution of watchers
WhoIsWatching Provides a listing of usernames watching a wiki page
Wiretap Tracks page views and offers several data displays
Extension Description
VisualEditor Visual editor for MediaWiki
WikiEditor Provides an advanced, extensible wikitext editing interface
Parser hooks
Extension Description
Arrays Store and compute named arrays
CharInsert Allows creation of JavaScript box for inserting non-standard characters
Cite Adds <ref[ name=id]> and ‎<references /> tags, for citations
DisplayTitle Uses displaytitle page property in link text, subtitle, and talk page title; provides parser function to query displaytitle
External Data Allows for retrieving structured data from external URLs, databases and other sources
Header Tabs Adds tabs to the page separating top-level sections
ImageMap Allows client-side clickable image maps using ‎<imagemap> tag
InputBox Allow inclusion of predefined HTML forms
Labeled Section Transclusion Adds #lst and #lstx functions and ‎<section> tag, enables marked sections of text to be transcluded
Maps Enables embedding of dynamic maps into wiki pages, geocoding of addresses and other geographical operations
MasonryMainPage ⧼masonrymainpage-desc⧽
NumerAlpha Provides methods of inserting incrementing numbers, letters and roman numerals
ParserFunctions Enhance parser with logical functions
Pipe Escape Parser function #! for when you want a pipe character to be just a pipe character
SimpleMathJax render TeX between ‎<math> and ‎</math>
SubPageList Allows to list and count subpages
SyntaxHighlight Provides syntax highlighting ‎<syntaxhighlight> using Pygments - Python syntax highlighter
TemplateData Implement data storage for template parameters (using JSON)
Variables Parser functions allowing to work with dynamic variables in an article scoped context
YouTube Embeds YouTube and Google Video movies, audio and video, WeGame and Gametrailers video, Tangler forum, and GoGreenTube video
Extension Description
Approved Revs Set a single revision of a page as approved
CirrusSearch Elasticsearch-powered search for MediaWiki
CollapsibleVector Enhances the user interface when using the Vector skin
DismissableSiteNotice Allows users to close the sitenotice
Elastica Base Elasticsearch functionality for other extensions by providing Elastica library
HeaderFooter ⧼headerfooter-desc⧽
ImagesLoaded ⧼imagesloaded-desc⧽
MezaExt Extension to capture all the little things meza ( wants
Parser Function Helper Provides a simple interface for other extensions to create parser functions
ParserHooks OOP interface for creating MediaWiki parser hooks in a declarative fashion
Talkright Adds a talk permission independent from article edition
Thanks Adds links for thanking users for edits, comments, etc.
UniversalLanguageSelector Gives the user several ways to select a language and to adjust language settings
UploadWizard Upload Wizard, a user-friendly tool for uploading multimedia
Validator Declarative parameter processing library