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The format of timestamps used in MediaWiki URLs and in some of the MediaWiki database fields is yyyymmddhhmmss. For example, the timestamp for 2024-06-27 11:24:41 (UTC) is 20240627112441. The timezone for these timestamps is UTC.

MediaWiki's wfTimestamp() function provides a convenient way to convert from timestamps in common formats to the MediaWiki timestamp format and vice versa. আরও বিস্তারিত জানার জন্য Manual:wfTimestamp দেখুন। Never use wfTimestamp() when inserting a timestamp into the database; this will break in PostgreSQL and possibly other non-MySQL databases. Instead use DatabaseBase::timestamp(), aka $dbw->timestamp(), which converts a timestamp in one of the formats accepted by wfTimestamp() to the format used for inserting into timestamp fields in this DBMS.

wfTimestampNow() is a convenience function that returns a MediaWiki timestamp for the present time.

MediaWiki stores timestamps as strings rather than native timestamp types because MySQL's TIMESTAMP type had major limitations when MediaWiki was first written.[1]

Here are the various timestamp datatypes used in the MediaWiki core:


binary(14) NOT NULL

binary(14) NOT NULL default '19700101000000'


varbinary(14) NOT NULL

varbinary(14) NOT NULL default ''

timestamp NOT NULL