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Huggle 3的主要工具栏

  • Revert and warn: 一般的, 回退非破坏编辑时应同时给予用户警告, 按这个按钮HG能自动帮您做到。当您按下此按钮,HG将检索其用户讨论页并自动判别将给予的警告等级,当是最后1次警告时,HG将自动提报该用户至当前的破坏(如果您是管理员,将选择是否继续封禁)
    • Consecutive instances of vandalism 在多个用户破坏时,必须处理通过手动查找页面的最后的无破坏版本。要返回页面历史,点击以前的版本按钮;继续前进,单击下一步修订,点击修订您也可以通过单击历史记录显示在Huggle主要右上方导航窗口。
    • Consecutive instances of vandalism by multiple users must be dealt with by manually finding the last good revision of the page. To move back in the page history, click the Previous revision button; to move forward, click Next revision and to move back to the most recent revision, click Last revision. You can also navigate by clicking in the history display at the upper right of Huggle's main window. It is not necessary to do this if all vandalism is the work of a single user.
  • Next edit: If the revision edit displayed is not vandalism, click this button to ignore it and advance to the next one. If the button is gray and there are no more revisions in the queue, either your connection dropped, or not much editing is being done and you have checked everything; wait a while for more revisions to appear.
  • Revert will do just that. Reversions behave in one of two ways:
    • If the revision being viewed is the most recent one, the revert button will rollback the page. This reverts all consecutive contributions by the last editor to the page.
    • If an older revision is being viewed, the revert button will revert to whichever edit is on the left of the diff display.
    • By default, an automatically-generated summary will be used. To select a more specific edit summary, open the menu using the dropdown arrow to the right of the icon. Select one of the pre-configured summaries or select "Advanced..." and type one in. The list of summaries can be customized; see the configuration section.
  • Send template message acts on the revision on the right side of the diff currently being viewed. Select an item from the list to leave the appropriate template message, or "Other message..." to say something else. The list of messages can be customized; see the configuration section.
  • Warn acts on the revision on the right side of the diff currently being viewed; it will check the user's talk page and issue an appropriate warning or vandalism report. While Huggle will issue warnings automatically when appropriate, this function can be used to deal with vandalism by multiple users, in succession, to the same page – locate the last good revision and revert to it, then navigate to an instance of vandalism from each user and issue a warning.
  • Cancel all Huggle edits and other actions currently in progress. Edits that have been submitted but not yet saved are undone once they have saved. Edits which have already been saved must be reversed with the Undo button.
  • Undo allows various of your own actions to be reversed, and is not the same as Wikipedia's undo function. Undo can only be used to reverse your edit if the edit is still the most recent edit if the page; for other cases, it is necessary to navigate to the particular page revision and use the "Revert" function.
  • Ignore user: 如果列表中反复出现特定用户的非破坏操作,您可以通过把其加入白名单了忽略他的编辑, 但是IP用户只有在当前窗口的操作才会被忽视。