Manual:Huggle/Navigation toolbar


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Huggle 3 Navigation toolbar

  • Browse back and Browse forward will go back and forward through your browsing history, rather than displaying the history of the current page.
  • Open in browser (O) opens the edit that is being viewed in your web browser.
  • New tab opens a new tab.
  • Close tab closes the currently selected tab.
  • Previous, next, last, current revision buttons navigate through the history of the currently selected page.
  • Diff to current shows the difference between the older of the two revisions currently selected and the newest revision to the page. Its function is equivalent to the "cur" links on history pages. This can be used to check that the right revision is being reverted to when dealing with situations where multiple instances of vandalism have been partially reverted.
  • Previous, next (Space), last, current edit buttons navigate through the contributions of the currently selected user.