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その他の設定: $wgChangeTagsSchemaMigrationStage
change_tag テーブル スキーマ移行の段階。
導入されたバージョン:1.32.0 (Gerrit change 434814; git #Ia61b987)
除去されたバージョン:1.33.0 (Gerrit change 473629; git #02a930d7)

$wgChangeTagsSchemaMigrationStage は change_tag テーブル スキーマ移行の段階を示します。 Most wikis can set this to MIGRATION_NEW and run maintenance/populateChangeTagDef.php as soon as any necessary extensions are updated.


$wgChangeTagsSchemaMigrationStage can be set to one of the Schema change migration flags. The allowed value range for the configuration is one of the MIGRATION_* constants. The available constants and their planned use cases on Wikimedia Foundation wikis are as follows:

  • MIGRATION_OLD (0, 既定値) - 古いスキーマのみを読み書きします。 新しいスキーマが存在する必要すらありません。 This is used from when the patch is merged until the schema change is actually applied to the database.
  • MIGRATION_WRITE_BOTH (1) - 新旧両方のスキーマに書き込みます。 Read the new schema preferentially, falling back to the old. This is used while the change is being tested, allowing easy roll-back to the old schema.
  • MIGRATION_WRITE_NEW (2) - 新しいスキーマのみに書き込みます。 Read the new schema preferentially, falling back to the old. This is used while running the maintenance script to migrate existing entries in the old schema to the new schema.
  • MIGRATION_NEW (3) - 新しいスキーマのみを読み書きします。 The old schema (and the feature flag) may now be removed.

For non-Wikimedia Foundation wikis it is recommended to set this to MIGRATION_NEW and to run maintenance/populateChangeTagDef.php in order to take advantage of the new schema.