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检查您的贡献对于刷新您已处理的页面(并轻松再次访问这些页面)很有用,但也可用于查明是否有任何后续编辑(见下文)。 即使您没有将页面放在监视列表上,也可以“观看”页面 还可以访问其他用户的用户贡献页,并且可以查看其他用户的贡献。 它们可以被用来追踪破坏者,侵犯版权,等。


已知問題:過濾對特定命名空間做出重大貢獻的用戶的貢獻,例如: 超過100萬次編輯可能經常導致超時並失敗(T33197)。



  • 要访问您自己的用户贡献页面,如果您是登录用户,请单击“我的贡献”。 它显示在页面顶部或左侧。



  • 如果用户有帐户(用户名):打开用户页面并单击“工具箱”,然后单击左侧的“用户贡献”。 即使用户页面尚未编辑(即显示编辑框),这也有效。
  • 如果用户没有登录名,则有两种方法:




编辑显示由新至旧。 Each edit takes up one line which shows: time & date, the page name and the edit summary, as well as other diagnostic informations. 这里有一些本页的功能:

  1. 此处显示用户名、IP地址或IP范围,以及指向日志页的链接。如果您查看的是单个用户,则还会显示到他们的对话页面的链接。
  2. Here you can change which user to view contributions for. This can be a username, IP address, or IP range (in CIDR notation). Alternatively, you can tick the first radio button option to view only contributions from new users.
  3. You can select a namespace to filter your results. For example, to see only templates select Template from the drop down list and press 搜索. 您还可以反转名称空间选择,以便只显示来自所有其他名称空间的贡献。最后,您可以使用“关联的名称空间”复选框来显示所选名称空间的主题和对话页面。
  4. The tag filter allows you to show only contributions with a specific tag. See #17 below.
  5. These options allow to show only edits that are the latest revisions to the page and edits that are page creations. You can also show only minor edits. Finally, if the wiki has the ORES extension installed, another option allows you to hide edits that are "probably good", which may make it easier to locate edits that are vandalism.
  6. These options allow you to view contributions within a specific date range. Both the start and end date are optional.
  7. These links take you to the users most recent edits (最新), oldest edits (最旧) or the next or previous page of edits (前n个 / 后n个). The blue numbers that follow list the number of edits displayed on a page - 20, 50, 100, 250 or 500. A higher number increases the length of a page but reduces the number of pages. The number you select replaces n in the links to the previous or next pages e.g. (前100个 / 后100个).
  8. This gives the time and date of the edit. This link is called a "permanent link", which will bring you to the revision of the page at that specific date and time.
  9. (差异) takes you to a diff page showing the changes between that edit and the previous revision. The revision after the edit appears below the changes so you can see the result of the edit. (历史) takes you to the page history, so you can see all edits made to that page. This can be useful if someone has updated a page you have worked on, and you want to see their changes.
  10. This shows the size of the diff, in number of bytes. Negative values are shown in red, while green indicates content was added, and a gray 0 indicates the number of bytes did not change with the edit.
  11. stands for minor edit (small corrections to a page). In this area you might also see the symbol , indicating the edit was a page creation. These help you understand the type of changes that have been made.
  12. This is the name of the page the edit took place on. The current page name is used, so if the page has been renamed the name displayed will be different.
  13. This is the username, shown when viewing an IP range or new user contributions. This is not shown when are viewing contributions of a single user or IP.
  14. This is the edit summary. This edit summary begins with an arrow link and grey text. This means the user has only edited a section of the page (named in the grey text). This text is automatically added when you edit a section. The black text is a standard edit summary and is added by the user.
  15. 当前 signifies that the edit is the current revision. The page is as the user last saved it. This can be used to watch pages (if your last edit to the page does not display 当前 the page has been changed). Sysops also have a rollback link here, see m:Help:Reverting.
  16. The grayed out and struck timestamp means the edit was revision deleted or suppressed by a sysop, and cannot be viewed publicly. It is possible to suppress the username and edit summary of the edit too, in which case they will also be grayed out with a strikethrough.
  17. These are tags that were applied to the edit. These may be added automatically by the software (such as 扩展:滥用过滤器 ), or by the user. The default editor does not provide an interface for adding tags.

If the page is newly created the mark is also shown.

But the following information does not appear:

  • Edits from a page that has been deleted afterwards (unless the page, including the revision concerned, has been restored).

If the revision concerned has been restored but not the previous one, then the fact that the user has edited the page is preserved, including the time and the edit summary, and the resulting revision, but not the change. A sysop can use Special:DeletedContributions to see revisions that have not been restored. However, applying a diff is not directly possible.

  • The deletion or restoration (undeletion) of a page (if the user is a sysop).



The page body has selector, so we can e.g. use the CSS ul { list-style: decimal }
to number the backlinks.


URL with &target parameter does not work on MobileFrontend.

A user contributions URL looks (for this wiki) like this:

where XX is the user name, IP address, or IP range, and "Contributions" can be abbreviated to "Contribs":

Change the sub-site to view your contributions on that particular subsite. (,, etc.)

To link to a user contributions page you can also use this shorter form: Special:Contributions/XX.

Interwiki links work as normal e.g. w:Special:Contributions/XX.

您還可以查看來自一個特定命名空間的編輯。 每個命名空間都有一個關聯的編號 限制為一個命名空間只能使用長格式URL(在此示例中,命名空間為數字4):


任何人都可以查看您的貢獻——請注意這一點。 如果有,你可以檢查你所使用的網站隱私政策。至於元維基,可以至meta:m:隱私政策查看。


When using the user contributions feature to determine when a user started editing on a wiki, note that edits may have been made in another wiki, while later the page has been imported.

Also, until ca. 2004 there was a bug, which has been fixed but not retroactively, as follows:

If a moved page is moved back, the edit history of the page with the intermediate title shows the latest move only, with the corresponding user name, but with the date and time of the first move(!).

Therefore, if the oldest entries in the user contributions list are moves, they most likely do not represent any activity of the user on the stated dates.


Note that, as described in phab:T50956, registered users don't see the content of this footer page if their language is different from the original language of the wiki.


用戶配置文件中會顯示編輯數。 該數字基於為每個用戶存儲的「編輯計數字段」——每次用戶進行編輯時會遞增,但在刪除用戶的編輯時則不遞減。 因此,該計數還會包括已刪除編輯。