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Funktionen Referensförhandsvisningar visar en förhandsvisning av en fotnot när du lägger musen över fotnotens markör. Den här funktionen är en del av MediaWiki-tillägget Popups som används för Förhandsvisningar av sidor . Det är för närvarande en standardfunktion på vissa wikier och en beta funktion på flera andra wikier.


Målet med funktionen Referensförhandsvisningar är att uppfylla en önskan från den tyskspråkiga gemenskapens tekniska önskningslista. Den utvecklas av WMDE's Tech team, med stöd från WMF’s Reading Web team. Funktionens utformning utvecklas av WMF. Mer information finns på huvudprojektsidan på Meta.


Reference Previews display a preview of the footnote as it appears at the bottom of the page. Within the preview, any and all footnote content (text, images, tables, …) can be displayed. At the top of the pop-up, the reference type is displayed. Reference Previews were designed to create an experience consistent with Page Previews, so that all pop-ups have the same design, regardless of whether you are hovering over a page link or a footnote marker.

Reference Previews and Page Previews next to each other.


  • Hover over a footnote marker to open the pop-up.
  • Click on a footnote marker to jump to the References section (as you would do if there weren't any pop-ups).
  • For shorter references, the pop-up window adjusts to a smaller size.
  • If the reference size exceeds the maximum pop-up, you can scroll within the preview window.
  • External links inside a reference open in a new tab.

The preview functionality relies on JavaScript. If you don't have JavaScript activated, there is no hover effect, and footnote markers remain simple jump marks.

Opt-out feature

Reference Previews will be activated by default for everyone (logged-in users, logged-out/anonymous users, readers of a wiki).

  • You can toggle them off under the Appearance tab in your preferences.
  • You can also open this preference tab directly by clicking on the cog wheel in the pop-up.
  • Anonymous users/logged-out users/readers can turn the previews off by clicking the cog wheel and toggling the setting. This saves the preference via a cookie. They can be turned back on using the “Edit preview settings” link in the website footer.

Please note:

  • If you use the Reference Tooltips or Navigation Popups gadget – either because it’s a default gadget on your wiki or because you enabled it individually – you won’t see Reference Previews.
  • For wikis where Reference Previews are still a beta feature, you need to activate it in your beta settings.

Exposed reference types

At the top of each pop-up, Reference Previews prominently indicate what kind of source is being referenced. We currently define six reference types:

  • Reference (generic)
  • Web reference
  • Journal reference
  • Book reference
  • News reference
  • Note

How to assign a reference type to your reference

Each reference is defined by CSS classes, e.g., <cite class="journal"> for journal references. These classes are set in the ‎<cite> element in a reference's content. References without cite tags and classes (e.g., plain ‎<ref> tags) are displayed as "Reference".

To assign a reference type:

  • The easiest way is to use a citation template that includes the cite class. The English cite templates, for example this one, specify the cite class already, and derivations of these templates are used in many wikis. Other templates can also be updated to do so.
  • If you're not using templates to add references, another option is to add a ‎<cite> class directly into a ‎<cite> tag, like so: <ref><cite class="book">reference content</cite></ref>.


  •   test.wikipedia.org (testwiki): (2019-02-28)
  • betafunktion på:
    •   Tyskspråkiga Wikipedia: (2019-04-04)
    •   Arabiskspråkiga Wikipedia: (2019-04-04)
    • alla wikier som använder tillägget Popups (alla Wikipedior samt en, he och zh Wikiyoage): (2019-10-24)
  • standardfunktion:
    •   Tyskspråkiga Wikipedia, Rumänskspråkiga Wikipedia, Estniskspråkiga Wikipedia, Baskiskspråkiga Wikipedia, Arabiskspråkiga Wikipedia, Hebreiskspråkiga Wikipedia, Gujaratispråkiga Wikipedia, Finskspråkiga Wikipedia: (2021-05-06)
    •   Marathispråkiga Wikipedia: (2021-05-10)




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