Help:Growth/Tools/Account creation

You plan to join Wikipedia by creating an account. This account will provide you access to more tools than when you read Wikipedia.

This page explains the different steps and the tools you will have access to just after you create your account.

Step 1: A welcome survey edit

This survey is used to know the motivations when creating an account. It is a way for communities to know the reasons why readers create an account. This way, help resources can be adjusted for newcomers, and community projects can be created to welcome newcomers.

After creating their account, you will see a popup (and some other notifications) encouraging you to visit your homepage. Please follow these links!

Step 2: Your homepage edit

Welcome to your base-camp!

The newcomer homepage is accessible by visiting special:Homepage at Wikipedia. It is your page, only you have access to the informations there.

What is on the homepage? edit

The homepage is divided into several modules.

Suggested edits module

Discover a set of suggested edits you can work on.
These tasks can be filtered down by topics and by type of tasks (copyediting, checking spelling, adding references, adding images, adding links, expanding articles...)

Help contents

The community has gathered the most important help pages for you. When you will be editing the pages, these links will remain at reach, trough the Help Panel.

Impact module

How many people read the articles you have edited? This module will be updated every day with impact metrics.

Mentorship module

An experienced editor you can contact and who will help you if you have questions about editing Wikipedia.
Note: this module is not available at all Wikipedias.

Step 3 : Edit articles edit

If you choose one suggested edit to work on, you will be guided by the Help panel. Please read the instructions carefully to make good, durable edits!

When you finish working on one article, please Publish the changes. You will then have a new article suggested to you.

You can show and hide the Help panel any time. When you browse Wikipedia, the Help panel remains available to you.

You have questions? edit

Please have a look at our most frequently asked questions.

You can also contact the project team to suggest improvements or if you have questions regarding the tools.