This page is a translated version of the page Help:Extension:Translate/Getting started with development and the translation is 50% complete.

Translate 拡張機能 (翻訳拡張機能) に興味を持ってくださり、ありがとうございます。 この文書の目的は、翻訳拡張機能の開発を簡単に始められる様にすることです。

翻訳拡張機能の開発にはJavaScript/jQueryとCSS/LESSの知識が必要です。 選択したタスクによっては MySQL の知識も必要になる場合があります。



  1. 翻訳拡張機能の各種構成要素
  2. 用語集: 使用されている用語の説明
  3. PHP名前空間の構成
  4. 翻訳のサポートする様々な設定オプション
  5. 翻訳で使用するMediaWikiのジョブ


The easiest way to get started with development on Translate extension is to use the MediaWiki-Docker . こちらの説明書を参照してください。

Translate 拡張機能に特化したコード スニフを実行するには、Translate 拡張機能のディレクトリ内で composer install を実行します。 以下のコマンドを使用できます: docker-compose exec mediawiki sh -c "cd extensions/Translate && composer install"


Translate follows the existing MediaWiki Coding conventions. These differ based on the programming languages, so ensure you go through the appropriate pages.

There are a few other guidelines specific to Translate to keep in mind.


Go to the Translate Phabricator Board and look for tasks with the tag: good first tasks.

Because the extension is actively being worked on, before you start work on a task, we recommend leaving a comment about any additional concerns that are not reflected in the task currently.

After you receive the green light, you can go ahead and assign the task to yourself and start working.


It is important to be familiar with how to work with Gerrit. It is also important to be familiar with the commit message guidelines.

Before submitting the patch, it's recommended to run linting tools and test cases locally to ensure that simple issues can be identified and fixed early. This helps reduce the back and forth during code reviews.

  1. Run phpcbf to fix easily fixable linting issues locally. This can be done using: docker-compose exec mediawiki composer fix extensions/Translate
  2. Run other linters to identify any issues that could not be fixed automatically. This can be done using: docker-compose exec mediawiki sh -c "cd extensions/Translate && composer test"
  3. Run Translate extension test cases: docker-compose exec mediawiki sh -c "composer phpunit:entrypoint -- extensions/Translate/tests/phpunit/"