MediaWiki-Docker is a Docker based development environment included with MediaWiki core.

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Installing the dependencies and setting up the environment should take about 15 minutes
  • Clone the MediaWiki core repository - git clone mediawiki
  • Follow the directions in in the root of the mediawiki repository.
  • Optional: extend the environment using the configuration recipes listed below
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If you run into issues, here are ways to get help.
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Configuration recipes
Below are configuration recipes that can be used with MediaWiki core's Docker development environment.

docker compose stacks can be extended with a docker-compose.override.yml file that resides in the same directory (at the root of MediaWiki core, in our case) as the docker-compose.yml file. Any configuration present in that file will override the defaults in docker-compose.yml. More documentation on overriding works is available at

After updating your override file, run docker compose down followed by docker compose up -d.

Configuration recipes: