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GlobalPreferences 擴展允許為wiki family (也稱為wiki農場)中的所有wiki設置user preferences 。 這意味著用戶可以更改所有wiki项目的首選項,而無需依次訪問每個wiki,也可以可以為單個wiki設置本地例外。

關於Global preferences

該擴展程序添加了第二個首選項頁面,可從Preferences的選項“User profile”中的“Set your global preferences”按鈕访问。


Global preferences頁存有部分選項,但移除一些項目,因為它們不於全域皆適用,並且對於每個選項,它添加了一個復選框,用戶可以使用該複選框選擇要全域使用的選項。


Global preferences頁出現在該项目中的所有wiki上,並且通過任何Wiki進行的更改都會同步顯示在其他wiki的同一頁。

如果wiki具有僅存在於某些wiki上的首選項(例如,對於未安裝在其餘wiki的擴展),那麼必須從具有這些選項的wiki之一去全域設置這些選項。 它們不會出現在其他Global preferences頁面上,並且在使用其他Global preferences頁面時也不會修改它們。 Once a preference has been selected to be global, it will no longer be modifiable from the normal preferences page.

Local exceptions

If a preference is set to be global, it will be disabled on the normal preferences page, but a new checkbox will be added under it with which an exception can be made for just the current wiki.


When you view that preference on the GlobalPreferences page, there will be a message below it indicating that there is a local exception in place. The value of the global preference will also often not be the one that's actually in effect (for example, Welsh is not the active language in the screenshot below, even though it's the active global preference).


Note that local exceptions are only visible on the wiki on which they're in effect. If you go to another wiki, there is no indication that a local exception exists elsewhere.

Removing global preferences

The global preferences page has a link, just like the normal preferences page, to remove all preferences. This will (after prompting for confirmation) delete all global preferences and all preferences will be restored to either the local value a user has set, or the site default.

Note that this deletes global values even for preferences that are not present on the current wiki. For example, if you set a global preference for an extension that's only on one wiki, and then remove global preferences via another wiki, when you go back to the first wiki's global preferences page you will not have any global preferences set. Removing global preferences does not remove local exceptions, but rather just disables them (i.e. local preferences or site defaults will be in effect). If a preference is made global again, its local exception will be reinstated.


If you encounter any problems using the GlobalPreferences extension, you can ask for help on the talk page. If you have found a bug or want to suggest a new feature, please open a ticket on Phabricator and tag it with 'MediaWiki-extensions-GlobalPreferences'.

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