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MediaWiki-kiterjesztések kézikönyve
Kiadási állapot: stabil
Leírás Provides an extendable wikitext editing interface and many feature-providing modules
Legfrissebb verzió Continuous updates
MediaWiki >= 1.42.0
Licenc GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Példa Test Wikipedia
  • $wgWikiEditorRealtimePreview
  • $wgWikiEditorRealtimePreviewDebounce
  • $wgWikiEditorRealtimeDisableDuration
Quarterly downloads 677 (Ranked 6th)
Public wikis using 13,753 (Ranked 9th)
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The WikiEditor extension provides an improved interface (primarily a toolbar) for editing wikitext. It is the wikitext editing interface that Wikipedia started using in 2010 for desktop users, and so it is sometimes called the 2010 wikitext editor.

  • Töltsd le a kiterjesztés fájljait, és mentsd el az extensions/ mappán belüli WikiEditor könyvtárba.
    Developers and code contributors should install the extension from Git instead, using:cd extensions/
    git clone https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/mediawiki/extensions/WikiEditor
  • Add hozzá az alábbi kódot a LocalSettings.php fájlod aljára:
    wfLoadExtension( 'WikiEditor' );
  • Yes Kész – A Special:Version oldalon ellenőrizheted, hogy a kiterjesztés ténylegesen feltelepült-e.

In some situations, WikiEditor may not show in your browser after the installation. Clearing your browser cache will solve the problem.

Note for IIS setup: By default, IIS doesn't understand .svg files. WikiEditor uses them to represents the icons. To fix this, you have to add the MIME type.


Enabling/disabling the toolbar

No configuration is needed "out of the box". By default, when installed this extension will be available to all users, and logged-in users can disable it from their preferences via the "Szerkesztőeszköztár engedélyezése" option (under the "Szerkesztés" tab).

If you wish all users to have it, and be unable to disable it, add it to $wgHiddenPrefs in your LocalSettings.php :

$wgHiddenPrefs[] = 'usebetatoolbar';

If you are using a version before REL1_31 and would want the toolbar to be default for users when they first join, add this line to your LocalSettings.php:

$wgDefaultUserOptions['usebetatoolbar'] = 1;

Realtime Preview


Enable the Realtime Preview feature with the following:

$wgWikiEditorRealtimePreview = true;

Signature button

The button for adding user signatures (four tildes) is available on talk pages and in namespaces specified in Kézikönyv:$wgExtraSignatureNamespaces .


The extension used to provide "Labs" features for "publication" and "preview" steps, but these were removed from REL1_31 onwards.

See also

  • RefToolbar 2.0, on-wiki JavaScript that adds a Cite template tools to WikiEditor's UI.