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Podręcznik rozszerzeń MediaWiki
Status wydania: stabilne
Realizacja Hak , Strona specjalna
Opis VisualData is a full-fledged metadata management framework based on json-schema able to easily record, organize and query collection of data on your wiki.
Autor(zy) thomas-topway-it (thomas-topway-itdyskusja)
Ostatnia wersja 1.0.8 (2024-05-13)
Polityka zgodności Master maintains backward compatibility.
MediaWiki 1.35 - 1.41
Licencja GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
  • $wgVisualDataTrackingCategoryForms
  • $wgVisualDataCreateJobsWarningLimit
  • $wgVisualDataDisableSlotsNavigation
  • $wgVisualDataEditDataNamespaces
  • $wgVisualDataDisableSidebarLink
  • $wgVisualDataTrackingCategoryJsonData
  • $wgVisualDataTrackingCategoryButtons
  • $wgVisualDataDisableVersionCheck
  • $wgVisualDataTrackingCategoryQueries
  • visualdata-caneditdata
  • visualdata-canmanageschemas
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VisualData is a full-fledged metadata management framework based on json-schema able to easily record, organize and query collection of data on your wiki.

It is characterized by a strong emphasis on the UI/UX side and aims to present itself as a lightweight or modern alternative to Semantic MediaWiki and Cargo.


  • Based on json-schema and slots
  • forms and pop-up forms auto-generated from json-schema
  • Integrated SchemaBuilder to easily create json-schema compliant schemas, with nested items and OOUI widgets
  • Forms are validated with industry-standard ajv-validator
  • SMW's style inline queries and result formats
  • Can import/store/query large amount of data (with hierarchical structure) in specific articles/the entire wiki, and to rebuild them in minutes

Elementy UI

The extension adds the following interface elements to your wiki (some of them only for authorized users and/or sysops)

  • A sidebar section where to access all special pages offered by the extension


  • The action tab "Edit data" by which to assign schemas to article and fill-in them through automatically generated OOUI forms


  • and a namespace tab where to access the slot with json-data registered within an article through the extension


The visibility of each of them can be managed using the global parameters below.


  • Download and place the file(s) in a directory called VisualData in your extensions/ folder.
  • Add the following code at the bottom of your LocalSettings.php
wfLoadExtension( 'VisualData' );
  • Run php maintenance/update.php (this will install the required tables)
  • run composer install --no-dev in the extension folder. This will install the required libraries[1]
  •   ZrobioneNavigate to Special:Version on your wiki to verify that the extension is successfully installed.

Make sure to run

php extensions/VisualData/maintenance/RebuildData.php

after each update of the extension when indicated in the Release notes. This will drop/recreate the tables based on the data stored on the wiki

Main sections

New article UI
Schema Builder & File upload
Edit data
Result formats
Browse data
Maintenance scripts

Rights and privileges

The extension creates the following user rights. They can be both included manually in the LocalSettings.php or to be managed through the interface (special page Special:UserRights). Sysops and bureaucrats are assigned with the complete set of permissions by default.


variable description
visualdata-caneditdata Can edit metadata related to wiki articles by editing/assigning json-schemas to them
visualdata-canmanageschemas Can create/edit/delete schemas through the SchemaBuilder

Example configuration

$wgGroupPermissions['*']["visualdata-caneditdata"] = true;
$wgGroupPermissions['*']["visualdata-canmanageschemas"] = false;


group Can edit data Can manage schemas
sysop, bureaucrat        
visualdata-editor      N  

Global parameters

variable description default
$wgVisualDataDisableSlotsNavigation hide slots tab on the navigation panel false
$wgVisualDataDisableSidebarLink hide VisualData's links section on the sidebar false
$wgVisualDataEditDataNamespaces default namespaces with editable metadata 0, 4 (Main, Project)
$wgVisualDataJsonDataTrackingCategory add a tracking category to articles with data false
$wgVisualDataCreateJobsWarningLimit number of jobs created without emitting a notice 0
$wgVisualDataDisableVersionCheck disable version check of the extension false

Known issues

  • in some MediaWiki versions and configurations, the ResourceLoader may generate syntax errors when bundling the Javascript files. In this case please use $wgResourceLoaderDebug = true; in LocalSettings.php, this will include separately each file and should solve the problem.
  • rename of schemas and properties must be kept in synch with property and schema names hardcoded in parser functions. This will be solved implementing a query and form builder (see #Roadmap)
  • queries require that the first printout exists, otherwise the row will not show. This could be solved using DUAL keyword
  • the SchemaBuilder and the form processor do not yet support the directives oneOf, anyOf and support for the $ref keyword
  • table/datatables do not yet provide dynamic navigation, although a navigation may be implemented by users using the limit/offset parameters and QueryLink parser function


  • add oneOf, anyOf and allOf support to form generator and SchemaBuilder (the SchemaBuilder will contain a select on the schema main panel)
  • add tuple and $ref keyword to SchemaBuilder (properties panel, besides 'add field', 'add content block', etc.)
  • add additional properties to SchemaBuilder (additional panel)
  • add query and form builder: this will store queries and forms as json schemas so that rename of schemas or properties can be updated within such schemas, not in the wikitext. The parser function will add queries and forms by their names or code
  • UI for bulk-edit of json data in the BrowseData special page
  • Ajax navigation for datatables, SearchPanes and SearchBuilder


  • version control for schemas and related data, so that edits of the schema constrain to the data related to the previous data structure
  • version control notice shown through Extension:Echo and/or complying better design practice
  • partial editing of schemas and field operations like Firebase's ArrayUnion, ArrayRemove, etc.
  • preload json-ld/schema.org entities as json-schemas
  • associate json-ld/schema.org vocabulary to user-defined schemas

Release notes

Extension:VisualData/Release notes

Support & bugs

Please post error messages in the Talk page of the extension. Updates will be occasionally posted on the MediaWiki's Wikitech mailing list.

For professional support please write at the email address posted here

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  1. although the extension works without additional libraries, they are required to handle rename of schemas and properties, and to support preload-data override