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Podręcznik rozszerzeń MediaWiki
Status wydania: stabilne
Realizacja Bazy danych , Strona specjalna
Opis Provides the Special page to generate/delete/download dumps
Opiekun(owie) Miraheze system administrators
Ostatnia wersja continuous updates
MediaWiki >= 1.36.0
PHP 7.4+
Zmiany w bazie danych Tak
Composer miraheze/data-dump
Tabele data_dump
Licencja GNU General Public License 3.0 or later
  • $wgDataDumpDisableGenerate
  • $wgDataDumpInfo
  • $wgDataDumpDirectory
  • $wgDataDumpFileBackend
  • $wgDataDumpLimits
  • $wgDataDumpDownloadUrl
  • $wgDataDump
  • generate-dump
  • delete-dump
  • view-dump

DataDump allows users to request and generate database dumps. Other types of dumps, such as image dumps, can be configured in the extension. This allows for easy dumping without the need for system administrator intervention.

For reporting an issue or a bug, please use Miraheze Phabricator. See here for the workboard.

  • Download i umieść plik(i) w katalogu o nazwie DataDump w swoim katalogu extensions/.
  • Dodaj poniższy kod na dole twojego pliku LocalSettings.php :
    wfLoadExtension( 'DataDump' );
  • Uruchom skrypt aktualizujący, który automatycznie stworzy potrzebne tabele dla tego rozszerzenia.
  • Configure as required.
  • Yes Zrobione – Przejdź do Special:Version na twojej wiki, aby sprawdzić czy rozszerzenie zostało pomyślnie zainstalowane.


parameter default comment
$wgDataDump [] This config defines how dumps are generated and which types of dumps there are.
$wgDataDumpDirectory false This config defines the directory where to store the dumps.
$wgDataDumpDisableGenerate false This config determines whether DataDump should be disabled or not.
$wgDataDumpFileBackend false This config defines backend to use ($wgFileBackends)
$wgDataDumpInfo "" This config defines the information displayed atop Special:DataDump.
$wgDataDumpLimits ["memory": 0, "filesize": 0, "time": 0, "walltime": 0] This config defines resources allocated to running scripts.


DataDump provides three permissions. These allow you some granularity when it comes to configuring DataDump.

You are not restricted to only using these permissions to restrict who can download, view, or delete dumps. You can also use other permissions available on the wiki.

parameter comment
generate-dump Allows users to generate database dumps
view-dump Allows users to view dumps
delete-dump Allows users to delete dumps


This is an example of how to set up the configuration. You can tailor it to your specific needs:

$wgDataDumpDirectory = "/var/backups/${wgDBname}/";

$wgDataDump = [
    'xml' => [
        'file_ending' => '.xml.gz',
        'generate' => [
            'type' => 'mwscript',
            'script' => "$IP/maintenance/dumpBackup.php",
            'options' => [
                "gzip:${wgDataDumpDirectory}" . '${filename}',
        'limit' => 1,
        'permissions' => [
            'view' => 'view-dump',
            'generate' => 'generate-dump',
            'delete' => 'delete-dump',
    'image' => [
        'file_ending' => '.zip',
        'generate' => [
            'type' => 'script',
            'script' => '/usr/bin/zip',
            'options' => [
                "${wgDataDumpDirectory}" . '${filename}',
        'limit' => 1,
        'permissions' => [
            'view' => 'view-dump',
            'generate' => 'generate-dump',
            'delete' => 'delete-dump',

Note that ${filename} is replaced internally in the extension so make sure that it is always in a single string not in a double string.

The limit parameter specifies how many dumps can be generated for that wiki.


If you're experiencing issues with failed data dumps, you can look at your Job Queue 's log file. You can search for DataDumpGenerateJob to find an area where the Job Queue is running your dump.

PHP binary location

If your log file contains something similar: [exec] Possibly missing executable file: '/usr/bin/php', then you might need to set $wgPhpCli to a correct value for your environment. You can use whereis php to double check.

Zip Tooling

If your log file contains something similar to: [exec] Possibly missing executable file: '/usr/bin/zip' then you need to ensure the appropriate zip tooling for your job is installed on your Host machine.

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