Engineering Community Team/Planning/2014/03

March 2014Edit

  • Assemble and publish the engineering report for February. Status:    Done
  • Follow up on support requests (e.g. blog post reviews). Status:    Done
  • Get the weekly tech newsletter assembled, published, translated and delivered (with help). Status:    Done
  • Continue to advertise Tech/News through social media, on-wiki social tools to increase readership. Status:    Done
  • (Continued from February) Edit and publish the best discovery reports on the Wikimedia tech blog. Status:    Done
  • (With Andre) Lead the community discussion about the shortlist of candidates for Project management tools/Review Status:    Done
  • (With Andre) Set up and facilitate the community RfC about Project management tools/Review, and bring it to a decision if possible. Status:    Started, continued in April