Engineering Community Team/Planning/2014/04

April 2014Edit

  • RFC-writing/editing/coordination:
    • run four RFC meetings Status:    Done
    • develop and publish draft of performance guidelines Status:    In progress
    • develop and publish draft of security guidelines Status:    In progress
    • develop and publish draft of architecture guidelines Status:    In progress
    • send SOA/REST explanation to mailing list Status:    Done
  • Mentor OPW intern Status:    In progress
  • (With Guillaume) (Continued from March) Set up and facilitate the community RfC about Project management tools/Review, and bring it to a decision if possible. Status:    Done - RfC started on 2014-04-14
  • (With Guillaume) Have another IRC office hour about Project management tools Status:    Done on 2014-04-17 and 2014-04-22
  • Gather more feedback on rebooted Annoying little bugs after GSoC start Status:    In progress - Andre sent an email to five GCI mentors on 2014-04-24 and received three answers
  • Prepare introducing "Bug of the week" by talking to development teams Status:    Not done -- postponed to May
  • Have a bugday in the second half of April Status:    Done: on 2014-04-29 about General MediaWiki, see Bug management/Triage/20140429