Engineering Community Team/Planning/2014/02

February 2014Edit

  • RFC-writing/editing/coordination:
    • run three RFC meetings Status:    Done
    • wikignome Architecture Summit notes Status:    Done
    • get one RFC in better shape Status:    Not done
  • Assemble and publish the engineering report for January. Status:    Done
  • Follow up on support requests (e.g. blog post reviews). Status:    Done
  • Get the weekly tech newsletter assembled, published, translated and delivered (ideally with help). Status:    Done
  • Advertise Tech/News through social media, on-wiki social tools to increase readership. Status:    Done
  • Publish the best discovery reports on the Wikimedia tech blog. Status:    Started, to be finished in March
  • (With Andre) Lead the community discussion about the shortlist of candidates for Project management tools/Review, take the first implementation steps (possibly in Labs). Status:    Done: The list of options is done and now under discussion. A phabricator instance (Archived 2014-08-02 at the Wayback Machine) was created by Chad in labs independently.