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A display title is the preferred title associated with a wiki page. It typically provides the string of text that is shown in the title header of a page. It is conceptually and technically distinct from the page title , i.e. the title by which a page is recorded and made accessible over the web. By default, a display title is synonymous with the page title but can be customised to suit your needs.

Different wikis use different naming conventions for the page title and display title. For instance, the convention on a site like Wikipedia is that the page title of an article should be descriptive of the subject, while the display title may be customised only to take on some formatting that page titles don't support (lowercase initial, italics, superscript). Other wikis may prefer to use short, hash-generated page titles and leave the descriptive part to the display title only. Either approach is possible.

For users and site admins

  • The display title is usually visible as the title header of a page. A more reliable method of checking it, however, is by looking at the summary table that is usually known as page information .
  • Unless the option $wgAllowDisplayTitle is set to false, the magic word DISPLAYTITLE lets you set a custom display title for a page. To an extent, it allows for HTML formatting options such as italics.

Configuration settings:

Name Type Description Default
$wgAllowDisplayTitle boolean whether or not custom display titles are allowed to be set using DISPLAYTITLE. true
$wgRestrictDisplayTitle boolean whether or not customisation should be restricted to formatting. true

For developers