The ParserOutput class represents the rendered output of a wiki page, as parsed from wikitext. A ParserOutput object is created and cached through the ParserOutputAccess service. It extends CacheTime and implements ContentMetadataCollector.

Creation and retrieval edit

Non-static methods:

Public methods edit

The class provides many getters, setters and boolean checkers:

Output HTML edit

  • getText() - deprecated in 1.42 in favour of invoking ParserOutputTransform pipeline directly on a ParserOutput.
  • setText() - set the output HTML
  • hasText() - (bool) returns true if text was passed to the constructor, or set using setText()
  • getRaw() - get the cacheable text with <mw:editsection> markers still included.
  • addCacheMessage() - add a comment notice about cache state to the text of the page
  • addWrapperDivClass() and getWrapperDivClass() - add/get a CSS class to use for the wrapping div.
  • getHeadItems() and addHeadItem() - refers to text in the <head>

Titles and page properties edit

  • getTitleText() and setTitleText() - Title text is the HTML text of the title in the chosen language variant.
  • setDisplayTitle() and getDisplayTitle() - override/get the display title
  • getPageProperty(), getPageProperties(), setPageProperty(), unsetPageProperty() - getProperty(), getProperty() and unsetProperty() are deprecated

Categories edit

  • addCategory() and setCategories() - getCategoryLinks() and setCategoryLinks are deprecated
  • getCategoryNames() - getCategories() is deprecated since 1.40.
  • setNoGallery() and getNoGallery() - Whether or not to use gallery on category page (__NOGALLERY__).

Page components edit

  • getIndicators() and setIndicator()
  • Page sections:
    • getSections(), setSections(),
    • getNewSection(), setNewSection()
    • getHideNewSection(), setHideNewSection(), hideNewSection()
  • TOC (table of contents):
    • getTOCHTML() and setTOCHTML() - deprecated in 1.40
    • getTOCData() and setTOCData() - since 1.40

Links edit

  • getLanguageLinks() and addLanguageLink() - setLanguageLinks() is deprecated since 1.38 in favour of addLanguageLink()
  • getInterwikiLinks(), addInterwikiLink()
  • getLinks(), addLink(), getLinksSpecial()
  • isLinkInternal(),
  • getExternalLinks(), addExternalLink()

Revisions, timestamps and 'speculative' properties edit

  • setRevisionTimestampUsed() and getRevisionTimestampUsed()
  • setRevisionUsedSha1Base36() and getRevisionUsedSha1Base36()
  • getTimestamp() and setTimestamp()
  • setSpeculativeRevIdUsed() abd getSpeculativeRevIdUsed()
  • setSpeculativePageIdUsed() and getSpeculativePageIdUsed()

Templates, files edit

  • getTemplates() and addTemplate()
  • getTemplateIds()
  • getImages() and addImage()
  • getFileSearchOptions()

Modules and styles edit

  • getModules() and addModules() - get/add ResourceLoader modules
  • getModuleStyles() and addModuleStyles()
  • getJsConfigVars(), setJsConfigVar(), appendJsConfigVar() - addJsConfigVars() is deprecated
  • getEnableOOUI() and setEnableOOUI() - see OOUI

Policy edit

  • Content Security Policy  : getExtraCSPDefaultSrcs(), getExtraCSPScriptSrcs(), getExtraCSPStyleSrcs(), addExtraCSPDefaultSrc(), addExtraCSPStyleSrc(), addExtraCSPScriptSrc()
  • getIndexPolicy() and setIndexPolicy()

Other edit

  • getWarnings() and addWarningMsg() - addWarning() is deprecated in 1.38
  • getLimitReportData()
  • getLimitReportJSData()
  • addOutputPageMetadata() - "accommodate very basic transcluding of a temporary OutputPage object into parser output"
  • setOutputFlag(), getOutputFlag(), getAllFlags() - provide interface to various boolean flags stored in ParserOutput, e.g. NO_GALLERY, ENABLE_OOUI, etc. setFlag(), getFlag() are deprecated.
  • setExtensionData(), appendExtensionData(), getExtensionData() - see extension data .
  • resetParseStartTime(), resetParseStartTime(), getTimeSinceStart() - getTimeSinceStart is deprecated in 1.42 in favour of getTimeSinceStart()
  • setLimitReportData()
  • hasReducedExpiry() - hasDynamicContent() is deprecated
  • setPreventClickjacking(), getPreventClickjacking() - preventClickjacking() is deprecated.
  • updateRuntimeAdaptiveExpiry(), finalizeAdaptiveCacheExpiry()
  • Metadata:
    • mergeInternalMetaDataFrom()
    • mergeHtmlMetaDataFrom() - HTML metadata
    • mergeTrackingMetaDataFrom() - dependency tracking metadata
    • collectMetadata()
  • newFromJsonArray()
  • __sleep(), __wakeup(), __get(), __set()

Deprecated or removed edit

  • addTrackingCategory() - see Parser::addTrackingCategory or TrackingCategories::addTrackingCategory() instead.
  • getOutputHooks() and addOutputHook() are deprecated. See OutputPageParserOutput instead.

See also edit