Content translation/Development Plan/Roadmap/CX03Release

Content Translation 0.03 release edit

See below for the detailed development plan for each of these features

Increase language support (Labs->Beta->Prod) edit

  1. Languages with high-quality support through Machine Translation Engines

Feature Set edit

  1. Entry Point: Red interlanguage link
  2. Translation editing tools: dictionary, machine translation, link adaptation, category adaptation, reference adaptation, limited template adaptation
  3. Translation dashboard: selection of source and target languages, warning about trying to create an existing article, saving and loading of drafts
  4. Machine translation features: Warning about too much machine translation before publishing; Tagging articles that were published with a high threshold of machine translation.
  5. Infrastructure improvements
  6. Analytics: Listing number of published drafts and articles and information about users who published them.

Production Deployment - Resources & Provisioning edit

Milestones edit

Completion Date/Milestones Features Sprints
November 26 - December 9 2014
December 10 - December 22 2014
December 23 - January 13 2015

Development Plan edit

Feature Details Tracking story
Saving an unfinished translation Auto-saved every minute to the same database as the previous row. Only the latest version is auto-saved.

Can be saved manually at any point as well.
Guided tour for the translation interface
Legal text about publishing the translation with the appropriate license Show it in all possible contexts before the user publishes, including writing a direct URL.
Allow adding red links in translation
Fix any outstanding with aligning the source and the translation text
Smart warnings about publishing a page the title of which already exists When the user renames the translation title, a warning will be shown if the page already exists.

When publishing, if the page already exists, a dialog is shown to the user with the following options:

  1. Publish anyway. Content will be replaced on the target Wikipedia.
  2. Publish as draft. Content will be published under the user namespace.
  3. Cancel. That will allow the user to go back and rename the article or decide later.
Making all of ContentTranslation a beta feature Hide all the features - the red link, the special page, and the links to the special page. The change tag will remain visible in RecentChanges, History, etc.
A generic entry point An entry point from the user contributions page, which will open the dashboard.

CX Deployment Plan for 0.03 Release January 2015 edit

Deployment date: TBD

Project: Content Translation Framework

Release: 0.03 (fourth release)

Long-term project roadmap: Content_translation/Roadmap

Language Pairs to be supported:

Release as: Beta Feature

Overall Plan edit

System Architecture edit


Caching Architecture edit

The following diagram includes the caching requirements for the CX framework.

Components to be provisioned for production edit

CX server installation and configuration:

See Setup: for detailed information about component, installation and configuation and instructions.

  • Node.js
  • Apertium
  • Extension dependencies:
    • BetaFeatures
    • CLDR
    • EventLogging
  • Backend Services


  • External APIs called by CX
    • Wikidata
    • Parsoid API
  • Configuration Scripts

Upstart and Systemd scripts are at:

Provisioning Plan edit

  • Storage Requirements

To be determined from discussion with ops

  • Hardware Requirements

To be determined from discussion with ops

  • Bandwidth Requirements

To be determined from discussion with ops

  • Performance expectations
    • MT TPS (Transactions per second)
    • User responsiveness
    • MT Round trip
    • General guidelines

Monitoring and metrics edit

  • EventLogging activity for CX
  • Number of users enabling the feature
  • Performance of S:CX, backend calls?
  • Check for node and varnish? Who to page?
  • Graph showing requests or timings for the WikiData API(s) we are calling
  • Graph showing requests or timings for the Parsoid API(s) we are calling

External Signoffs Required edit

  • Faidon - Ops
  • Gabriel - Infrastructure architecture
  • Ori - Performance
  • Chris Steipp - Security
  • Greg G - Release engineering
  • Mark - Ops
  • Tim - Platform

LE Team responsibilities edit

  • Kartik - Deployment, Engineer
  • Niklas - Engineer, Code Reviewer
  • Santhosh - Engineer, Code Reviewer
  • David - Engineer, Code Reviewer
  • Joel - Engineer, Code Reviewer
  • Runa - Team Scrum-Ninja / testing and communications
  • Pau - Feature UX reviewer, designer
  • Amir - Feature signoff
  • Alolita - Engineering coordination, Eng Manager