Content translation/Development Plan/Roadmap/CX01Release

Content Translation 0.01 release edit

Release Announcement

See below for the detailed development plan for each of these features

Increase language support (Labs->Beta->Prod) edit

  1. Languages with high-quality support through Apertium
    1. Catalan -> Spanish (reverse language pair)
    2. Spanish -> Portuguese
    3. Maltese -> Arabic (RTL)
  2. Languages well supported by Apertium, but will require better markup alignment support
    1. English - Spanish
    2. English - Catalan

Feature Set edit

  1. Entry Points
    1. Red Interlanguage Link (implemented; needs integration)
    2. New entry point showing in Wikidata.
    3. Entry points showing by: editing on other languages, Babel, browser language, Accept-Language
  2. Language tools
    1. Editing support (basic text styling)
    2. Existing paragraph translation - only design, not coding (improvement)
    3. Display disambiguation page links for link adaptation
    4. Increase number of tools Eg: MT backends, dictionary providers, Reference
  3. Translation dashboard
    1. continue ongoing translations, suggestions and impact (enhancement)
  4. Templates
    1. Pass through template support
    2. Inline templates adaptation - show placeholders instead of removing
    3. Category adaptation (not addition/editing)
  5. Infrastructure improvements (improvement)
    1. Improve Machine translation abuse algorithms
    2. Latest upstream Apertium requires for supporting more language pairs
    3. MT Infrastructure enhancement- Work on leftover technical items on MT backend
    4. Service provider registry
    5. Performance
    6. Test coverage
  6. Basic Analytics Dashboard: (enhancement)
    1. Collection
    2. Visualization

Production Deployment - Resources & Provisioning edit

Milestones edit

Completion Date/Milestones Features Sprints
August 18 - August 29 2014
September 2014

Development Plan edit

Mingle Story Board

Feature Details
Entry Points
  • Tools column
  • Automatic Translation
Link Adaptation
Machine Translation Support (mt)
Dictionary Support
Templates Support
Architecture (technical feature)
Research and preliminary development

CX Deployment Plan for 0.01 Release September 2014 edit

Deployment date: TBD (September 20-25 2014)

Project: Content Translation Framework

Release: 0.01 (second release after the MVP release)

Long-term project roadmap: Content_translation/Roadmap

Language Pairs to be supported: Catalan-Spanish, Spanish-Portuguese, Maltese-Arabic, English-Spanish, English-Catalan

Release as: Beta Feature

Overall Plan edit

System Architecture edit


Caching Architecture edit

The following diagram includes the caching requirements for the CX framework.

Components to be provisioned for production edit

CX server installation and configuration:

See Setup: for detailed information about component, installation and configuation and instructions.

  • Node.js
  • Apertium
  • Extension dependencies:
    • BetaFeatures
    • CLDR
    • EventLogging
  • Backend Services


  • External APIs called by CX
    • Wikidata
    • Parsoid API
  • Configuration Scripts

Upstart and Systemd scripts are at:

Provisioning Plan edit

  • Storage Requirements

To be determined from discussion with ops

  • Hardware Requirements

To be determined from discussion with ops

  • Bandwidth Requirements

To be determined from discussion with ops

  • Performance expectations
    • MT TPS (Transactions per second)
    • User responsiveness
    • MT Round trip
    • General guidelines

Monitoring and metrics edit

  • EventLogging activity for CX
  • Number of users enabling the feature
  • Performance of S:CX, backend calls?
  • Check for node and varnish? Who to page?
  • Graph showing requests or timings for the WikiData API(s) we are calling
  • Graph showing requests or timings for the Parsoid API(s) we are calling

External Signoffs Required edit

  • Faidon - Ops
  • Gabriel - Infrastructure architecture
  • Ori - Performance
  • Chris Steipp - Security
  • Greg G - Release engineering
  • Mark - Ops
  • Tim - Platform

LE Team responsibilities edit

  • Kartik - Deployment, Engineer
  • Niklas - Engineer, Code Reviewer
  • Santhosh - Engineer, Code Reviewer
  • David - Engineer, Code Reviewer
  • Joel - Engineer, Code Reviewer
  • Runa - Team Scrum-Ninja / testing and communications
  • Pau - Feature UX reviewer, designer
  • Amir - Feature signoff
  • Alolita - Engineering coordination, Eng Manager