Architecture Summit 2014/Straw poll

The purpose of this straw poll is to gauge interest in the different topics that we could discuss during the upcoming Architecture Summit 2014. We asked you to help us form clusters of related RFCs and we have now grouped those clusters in five themes:

  1. Backend internals
  2. APIs/Interfaces/Protocols
  3. Frontend
  4. Software management
  5. Functionality

We would like to ask all MediaWiki developers to vote in this straw poll. The results of the straw poll and the ideas of the organizing committee will form the final program.

  • You can vote, by adding your name, to as many RFC clusters as you want (approval voting) but don't vote for anything that you wouldn't agree to take an action item on at the Architecture Summit.
  • We want to close this straw poll on January 8, 2014.
  • Help us in driving the turnout -- if you are missing names of people you think that should vote please prod them on our behalf as well. We really want the poll to reflect the interest of the entire MediaWiki community.
  • The clustering of the RFCs is taken from RFC clusters -- if you see a discrepancy between those two pages please either let Diederik know or be bold :)

Theme 1 edit

Theme 1 - Backend internals I would like to see this RFC cluster included at the Architecture Summit Total votes cast
Configuration Chad, MarkTraceur, MaxSem, Legoktm, Steven W., Parent5446, Mglaser, MarkAHershberger, Nikerabbit, VasilievVV, Hoo man, TheDJ, Catrope, Ori, Krinkle, This, that and the other 16
Debugging MaxSem, manybubbles, Parent5446, Subbu, Superm401, Gilles, Inez, bd808, Duesentrieb, Ori, Krinkle 11
Storage services MaxSem, Legoktm, Grunny, GWicke; related to SQL abstraction and service-oriented architecture, Subbu, Inez, Maciej Szumocki, Duesentrieb, DAndreescu, arthur, Ori 11
Linking Aude (think this somewhat overlaps with refactoring), Hoo man, Duesentrieb, This, that and the other 4
Media backend MarkTraceur, manybubbles, Inez, bd808, Duesentrieb, Ori 6
Parsing architecture GWicke (despite the title, this is actually HTML storage and a no-parsing architecture), Subbu, James F., Catrope, Maciej Szumocki, Duesentrieb, Krinkle 7
Parser changes 0
Performance manybubbles, Steven W., Grunny, James F., Owen Davis, Nikerabbit, Gilles, VasilievVV, Inez, bd808, Ori, Krinkle 12
Refactoring MaxSem, Aude, Parent5446, Subbu (UserMailer refactoring could be considered related to SOA RFC), Hoo man, Duesentrieb, arthur, This, that and the other 8
SQL abstraction Chad, manybubbles, Parent5446, Grunny, Mglaser, Owen Davis, MarkAHershberger (especially interested in alternate providers like Doctrine), Inez, Catrope, Maciej Szumocki, Krinkle 11

Theme 2 edit

Theme 2 – APIs/Interfaces/Protocols I would like to see this RFC cluster included at the Architecture Summit Total votes cast
CentralNotice 0
HTML templating Tomasz, Kaldari, MaxSem, jdlrobson, MarkTraceur, manybubbles, Steven W., Parent5446, Grunny, GWicke, Ebernhardson, Mglaser, Superm401, MarkAHershberger, Owen Davis, Nikerabbit, CSteipp, Inez, spage, TheDJ, Mlitn, bd808, Matma Rex, SG, arthur, Krinkle 26
Metadata MarkTraceur, Raymond, Superm401, James F., TheDJ, Chad, Maciej Szumocki, Duesentrieb, howief, DAndreescu, arthur 11
Mobile Tomasz, jdlrobson, MaxSem, Inez, TheDJ, arthur 6
Parsed output access MaxSem, MarkTraceur, manybubbles, Steven W., GWicke, Subbu, James F., Legoktm, Duesentrieb, Krinkle 10
Service-oriented architecture Grunny, GWicke, Subbu, James F., Owen Davis, Inez, bd808, Catrope, Maciej Szumocki, Duesentrieb, howief, arthur, Ori, Krinkle 14
Thumbnail handling MaxSem, bd808, jdlrobson, arthur 4
URLs Chad, Steven W., Raymond, James F., Krinkle, This, that and the other 6
Wikidata Legoktm, Raymond, James F., Inez, Maciej Szumocki, Duesentrieb, arthur, Ori 8

Theme 3 edit

Theme 3 – Frontend I would like to see this RFC cluster included at the Architecture Summit Total votes cast
Multimedia frontend MarkTraceur, Tomasz, James F., Gilles, Ori 5
UI/UX: styling Tomasz, Steven W., Superm401, James F., Nikerabbit, Santhosh, TheDJ, Yair rand, Matma Rex, jdlrobson, Catrope, DAndreescu, Ori, Krinkle 14

Theme 4 edit

Theme 4 - Software management I would like to see this RFC cluster included at the Architecture Summit Total votes cast
Backend code modularity frameworks Parent5446, Mglaser,Owen Davis, Inez, bd808, Duesentrieb 6
Installation Parent5446, Mglaser, Superm401, MarkAHershberger, Nikerabbit, bd808, Krinkle 7
MediaWiki management Steven W., Mglaser, MarkAHershberger, TheDJ, Matma Rex 5
Release process Mglaser, MarkAHershberger, CSteipp, Matma Rex, Krinkle, This, that and the other 6
Software for/from third parties Mglaser, MarkAHershberger,Owen Davis, Nikerabbit, Santhosh, bd808, Matma Rex, This, that and the other 8

Theme 5 edit

Theme 5 – Functionality I would like to see this RFC cluster included at the Architecture Summit Total votes cast
Crosswiki Legoktm, Aude, VasilievVV, CSteipp, Hoo man, Duesentrieb, Ori, Krinkle 8
General MediaWiki functionality MZMcBride, James F., Siebrand, TheDJ, Catrope, Duesentrieb, Ori, Nikerabbit (l10n json), Krinkle 9
Page protection and deletion Mglaser, MarkAHershberger (Corporate users find this bit lacking), CSteipp, This, that and the other 4
Security Steven W., Parent5446, Grunny, Superm401, MarkAHershberger (very interested in the AuthStack bit), CSteipp, Hoo man, bd808, howief, arthur 10
UI/UX: usability and discoverability MarkTraceur, Steven W., MZMcBride, James F., Gilles, Inez, TheDJ, Matma Rex, howief, Ori 10
User customization/filterability Superm401, Matma Rex 2
Wiki tasks management Krinkle 1