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Latest version 3.10.17 (2020-09-14)
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XTools is a suite of statistics tools for MediaWiki wikis, users, pages, and more. The Wikimedia installation can be found at

For more information, see the XTools manual at Specifically, end-user documentation on the available tools is at

For developer information about the XTools installation within Wikimedia, see Wikitech:Tool:XTools.

ArticleInfo gadgetEdit

Source: XTools/ArticleInfo.js, adapted from meta:User:Hedonil/XTools

An on-wiki gadget is available that will quickly show you statistics about a page in real-time. It works on all skins, wikis, and will be localized to the wiki's language. These statistics are shown just below the page header. Example:

The XTools ArticleInfo gadget, as seen when viewing the English Wikipedia article on Jimmy Wales.

The available statistics, from left to right:

  • Quality assessment icon, if possible. Only available in specific projects.
  • Number of revisions.
  • Date the page was created, linking to the initial revision.
  • Time since the last edit, linking to the diff.
  • Number of editors to the page.
  • Number of page watchers. If this is not shown, there are less than 30 watchers.
  • Number of pageviews in the past 30 days, linking to Pageviews Analysis.
  • Editor who created the page, and their edit count (linking to their contributions).
  • Link to view full page statistics in XTools.

Installation on Wikimedia wikisEdit

On some wikis this tool may be available in your gadget preferences.

If it is not, you can install the gadget globally by browsing to meta:Special:MyPage/global.js and adding the following code to the end, on a new line:


Alternatively, you can install the script on a single wiki by browsing to Special:MyPage/common.js (on the desired wiki) and pasting in the same code above.