Wikimedia tech swag program

Wikimedia Foundation's Technical Engagement team has developed a swag program in collaboration with the Fundraising Operations team, that will reward technical contributors for their active participation in outreach programs, events, and software projects by giving swags.


This is a small token of appreciation for the countless efforts of our technical contributors towards building a thriving community!

2021 Swag candidatesEdit

In the first year of its operation, the swag program considers 85 individuals with significant contributions as developers, mentors, and organizers in 2021 for each of the following areas.

  • Google Summer of Code - All interns, mentors, and organization administrators (details).
  • Outreachy - All interns, mentors, and organization administrators from the summer and winter rounds.
  • Small wiki toolkits - All mentors of workshops conducted for small language wiki communities (details).
  • Gerrit code contributions - Top 30 active contributors in Gerrit (15 each for patch authors and reviewers).
  • Wikimedia Hackathon - Organizers of the hackathon (details).
  • Wikimania Hackathon - Organizers of the hackathon (details).

All swag candidates will receive a Wikipedia language water bottle, globe t-shirt, and laptop sticker.

How to orderEdit

All swag candidates will receive a store portal link and a coupon code via email. Here are the steps in the user journey to use the portal.

Step 1: Enter codeEdit

1. Enter code screen

Visit the store link and enter your coupon code to access the portal.

Step 2: Select sizeEdit

2. Select size screen

Once you enter the code, select your t-shirt size and click "Continue" to proceed with your order.

Step 3: Shipping infoEdit

3. Shipping info screen

You will enter your shipping address and email address in this final step, then review your order summary.

If all looks good, you can hit "submit," and your order will be complete! You will then receive an order confirmation email for your records.


If you have any questions about the swag program or have suggestions around which areas to cover, please reach out to Srishti Sethi (ssethi