Wikimedia Developer Summit/2017

Overview edit

Wikimedia Developer Summit welcomes all Wikimedia technical contributors, third-party developers, and users of MediaWiki and the Wikimedia APIs. This is an invitation-only and free-of-charge event. The discussion starts online months before, as proposals for topics are being submitted and discussed at the #wikidev17 project in Wikimedia Phabricator. Scholarship funding for this event comes from the Wikimedia Foundation's Technical Collaboration Team and Wikimedia Deutschland's Software Development Department. Participants of this event agree to follow the Friendly Space Policy.

When? January 9–11, 2017 – San Francisco

Where? Golden Gate Club, Presidio, San Francisco (California, USA) transportation information

Social tag #WikiDev17

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The Wikimedia Developer Summit consists of:

Main topics edit

These are the main topics (but not the only ones) that are selected for this edition:

These topics have guided the Program committee, the call for participation, and our scholarships for volunteer developers.

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