Wikimedia Apps/Feedback Loop



The Apps team receives regular requests from the community through a variety of channels. Our requests come in through:

  • Apps Stores
  • Support email accounts
  • MediaWiki Talk pages
  • Village pump
  • Events
  • and More

Some things we are able to get to relatively quickly while others are technically complex or politically triggering. Historically we have kept track of requests using internal documentation. To increase visibility of app features requested through our various channel, we will migrate our mega chorewheel to MediaWiki. We will update this mega choreweheel on a monthly basis.

If you are ever curious of what the apps are currently prioritizing, you can visit the Android and iOS project page for updates.

Engagement Guidance


If there is a request you have, scan the feedback loop and see if it exists. If your request exists, review the corresponding phabricator ticket and add a comment directly to the Phabricator ticket with any questions or suggestions you may have. We also encourage you to subscribe to see how things are advancing. If your request isn't present, you can share it by following the instructions on our App Requests page. If you are having challenges with Phabricator, feel free to leave your request on our Talk Page or on the Movement Forum. Once we begin working on a request, we will remove it from the feedback loop list.

Repeated Feature Requests



  • Upload images to Commons from the Wikipedia app. T88746
  • Request for edit counts to be reflective of the user's total edits and not just edits on the app. T255275


  • “Read later” option which can sync through desktop and mobile app. T145876
    This is working for iOS via the browser extension, please see instructions at synced reading lists.
  • Able to sort the reading lists manually. T244171
  • Provide search input when saving to reading lists. T271537
  • Implement text to speech support T126889, T114525
    This should work on iOS with Voice Over.
  • Option to Choose Destination Upon App Close: Last Read Article or Main Explore Page. T356202
  • Prevent Automatic Page Refresh: Enhancing Offline Reading Experience. T353598
  • Being able to share cards from the newsfeed. T348098
  • "Because You Read" Widget Enhancement. T353590
  • Request for Bionic Reading Method. T346124
  • Show Navbox templates in mobile skins. T124168
  • Go "forward" in my reading history. T131307
  • Add a feature to highlight text. T70272
  • Share sections from the Wikipedia Android App. T310807
  • Sync history and tabs for logged-in users. T256818
  • Save all tabs to reading list. T351991
  • Option to Display Server Time Instead of Device Time for Timestamps. T355209
  • Difficulty navigating Long Saved List of Articles by Blind VoiceOver Users. T353605


  • iOS Navigation refresh: Usability tests: Customizable shortcuts at bottom of screen. T357272, T345599
  • Text color for better accessibility viewing. T342668
  • Allow sepia/dark to be an options for matching the devices theme. T275921
  • Uniform Font Size for Discussion Pages Matching Article Pages. T357304
  • Add open-dyslexic as a font choice. T347291
  • Our designer to think about our existing tabs behavior. T327896
  • Improving One-Handed Browsing on Wikipedia. T345525
  • Remove the random things beside quick facts. T345822


  • Dark mode for Today on Wikipedia page. T276815
  • Today's featured pictures widget goes blank. T321061

Requests Completed or in Active Development

  • Full page Editing
  • Edit Notices and Blocked Messages
  • Native Talk Pages
  • Archived Talk Pages
  • Add images to an Article
  • Math equations are not visible in Dark Mode
  • Make Notifications and Alerts more prominent
  • Native Watchlist
  • Search within an article on iOS
  • Create an option to donate through Google Pay and by using Apple Pay
  • Add Nearby/Places to the Android App
  • Reflecting the edited article version automatically upon save.
  • Add edit summaries to short description edits.
  • Update widget designs, and make more types of widgets on Android.