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This page is a translated version of the page VisualEditor/Special characters and the translation is 38% complete.
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Orodje za posebne znake v VisualEditorju olajša urejevalcem vnos posebnih znakov, tudi če znaki niso prisotni na uporabnikovi tipkovnici.

VisualEditor je skupen seznamu posebnih znakov z WikiEditorjem, privzetim editorjem wiki besedila. Ta seznam je skupen vsem wikijem, in za njihovo delovanje vam na vašem wikiju ni vam potrebno storiti ničesar.

Za dostop do njih, kliknite gumb za posebni znak (Ω). Na ta način odprete tabelo znakov:

VisualEditor screenshot – special character default.png

Click on one of the displayed characters to insert it. Click the special character button again to close it.

Adding often-used characters

VisualEditor also lets each wiki's community specify a list of often used characters which will show at the top of the page. This makes it easy for editors to use particular characters that your wiki encourages but that aren't on their keyboards. It looks like this:

To set this up for your wiki, you need create the page MediaWiki:Visualeditor-quick-access-characters.json. This is a JSON page specifying which characters you wish to show and their sequence. Only sysop (administrator) users are normally able to create or edit this page, because it is part of the interface. To get an idea of what is possible or useful, you can look at the German Wikipedia's list.

If the text "Often used" appears instead of a localised message, this needs to be translated at; this message is the "visualeditor-special-characters-group-other" one.

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