Would you be interested to demonstrate the use of your extensions on the DPLDEMO website? If yes, please leave a note on my user discussion page there. Algorithmix 06:35, 26 May 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I have StackFunctions (with some modifications) on http://nomicapolis.net and I'm forseeing all kinds of uses for it (I only have one trivial production use of it right now, but that will change). It does appear that array literal syntax is broken however -- the ] operator pushes an empty array, but fails to load the stack above the mark. 21:45, 8 June 2007 (UTC) (User:Chuck from nomicapolis.net)Reply[reply]

The ] operator of StackFunctions should create an array of the Stack elements from the last preceding [ on, and that works. However, you have discovered a bug: when there is no preceding [, an exception should be raised. I just published version 0.563 where this is fixed. RV1971 20:39, 9 June 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Part of my bug was a screwup on my part -- I replaced all the type letters with constants, but I did so case-insensitively, so the case for "a" was shadowing the case for "A", which certainly hosed array/dict creation! I think that [, ], and double-angle-brackets are supposed to be operators in systemdict (which makes them able to be redefined), but this works for now. I'm also finding ghostscript to be a wonderful way to test for proper behavior :) I'd love to collaborate more on StackFunctions, but it's a bit cumbersome to go back and forth on wiki talk pages, so if you want, you can reach me at cja987@gmail.com. 21:09, 9 June 2007 (UTC) (User:Chuck on Nomicapolis)Reply[reply]

FYI, You might want to not allow the serialize operator by default, as it can be used to upload and automatically execute arbitrary PHP code: if it unserializes an object, it will call a __wakeup() method on the object if it's defined. What I did was use the mcrypt module to encrypt the serialized code with a key stored in the source. I haven't updated the %Z handling yet, but it's basically the same code path. Of course this adds a lot of overhead, but it should still be a win if there's a lot of code to parse. 04:55, 10 June 2007 (UTC) (User:Chuck on Nomicapolis)Reply[reply]

This is solved with the just issued version 0.6 of Extension:StackFunctions RV1971 21:43, 3 July 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

DataTable edit

Please see Extension talk:DataTable. -Eep² 00:30, 30 July 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Please see Extension talk:DataTable -Thanks, 23:21, 22 June 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

You really do a genius!!14:59, 18 July 2008 (UTC) edit

This is just magnificent, I love it so....so......much.

Comments edit

See Extension_talk:StackFunctions. -- JG 05:25, 9 April 2009 (UTC)

Dear RV1971 edit

regarding to an university project to implement a mediawiki instance for educational purpose at the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, Albstadt-Ebingen, Germany, we are interessted to user your Extension Toggledisplay.

This project is in line with my personal dissertation in the range of e-learning and its finally ment for Master Students of my university.

You dont have specified a license for this program.

Because I am not so familiar with licenses, I like you to ask, if we can get your permission to use it. -- muellefl 09:11, 17.06.2009

Feel free to use my extension. However, I consider this extension obsolete because basically the same result can be obtained with the features described in w:en:Wikipedia:NavFrame, without need to install an extension. RV1971 08:30, 17 June 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

New version will come edit

I'm sorry much time has passed since I published the last version of my extension. I have done quite some development in the meatime which also addresses some of the questions raised in the discussion so far. I hope I'll have some time in the next months to write the necessary documentation so that I can publish my current version. RV1971 07:38, 23 June 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Wow, I can't wait. Thanks for the update. If you need any help writing documentation and have notes or some preliminary material I would be more than willing to help, my degree is pretty much centered around documentation. --Tazuras 19:21, 26 June 2009 (UTC), aka:[reply]

toggledisplay question edit

I wrote it up here, but in short, template variables are lost when they lie within


Is that something that can be overcome with some flag I'm not aware of, or some other invocation directive?

Thanks. - skew

Please see my comment in Extension talk:ToggleDisplay#Template variables within toggledisplay. RV1971 10:05, 9 June 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

ToggleDisplay question 2 edit

I am using mediawiki locally in my desktop and recently I've installed ToggleDisplay extension by following instructions in Extension:ToggleDisplay, but when I use it as

This will be shown.

any texts, even toggle links are not shown. The block of toggledisplay disappeared from the page. I've spent several days to solve this problem, but no luck so far. Do you have any idea? I am using:

MediaWiki : 1.16.0
PHP : 5.3.3
mysql : 5.1.48
install extensions/ToggleDisplay/ToggleDisplay.php
added require_once( "extensions/ToggleDisplay/ToggleDisplay.php" ); in LocalSettings.php

Bests, dwjang 20:41, 2 November 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Having the same issue on my wiki.
Versions are:
MediaWiki 1.16.0
PHP 5.3.3-pl1-gentoo (apache2handler)
MySQL 5.0.90-log
Any ideas why this is happening?
--JLucktay 00:32, 1 December 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Having the same issue with php 5.3 took out the pass by reference "&" from the script

Major bug discovered which is probably giving other people the same mystery problem. I have found that if you have a break tag followed by a space everything after that break tag will not display inside the toggle tag. For instance this simple statement: Hello Jay<br> This is a test will cause 'This is a test' to appear outside the toggled code. This is no doubt something many users will code and wonder why their text is missing. I tried isolating $ signs, ; | : and other special characters as the problem but the <br> followed by a blank space was the culprit. Jay Lepore | CompuMatter 01/21/2011

NOTE: Bug in this extension. Make sure all <Br>tags do not have a space between the <br> and the following text. Snug your right side text <br>against the tag or it will not appear inside the toggle code.

DataTable2: Using Templates for <dt2-showtable> and <datatable2> edit

Hi first off thanks for this extension! Very usefull!

I have some usage questions however.

I'm trying to implement templates that use the datatable2 functionality but somehow I can't quite get them to work the way I want.

<dt2-showtable> edit

I want to use dt2-showtable as part of a Infobox-Template so I needed a more generic approach which expands the 'where'-statement.

I was able to implement the <dt2-showtable> part using {{#tag:dt2-showtable ... }} and it works as expected as long I use the regular tag-syntax for datatable2 on a regular page!

I use the following template code:

{{#tag:dt2-showtable |
! Pagename
! Role
! Comment
{{!}} [[{{{dt2-src-pagename}}}]]
{{!}} {{{role}}}
{{!}} {{{comment}}}
|table="testtable" | class="wikitable" | style="text-align:left; float:center; width:341;" | where="name LIKE '%{{PAGENAME}}%'"}}

<datatable2> edit

The problem I have is using the same technique for the <datatable2> part. I'm trying to create another Infobox-template for the datatable definition part. As such I only want to pass a number of params like this:

| role1=val1 | name1=Nedorus | comment1=This data doesn't show up in data viewer! 
| role2=val2 | name2=You
| role3=val3 | name3=Someone | comment3=some comment here

Inside datatabletemplate i want to use {{#while: ... }} to iterate over all the input parameters (could use forargs as well but is was easier to solve some formatting issued using while).

Using <datatable2></datatable2> (obviously!) doesn't expand anything inside the tags. So in order to use the while loop I have to go towards the {{#tag:...}} syntax here as well.

datatabletemplate looks like this:

! Role
! Name
! Comment
  | {{{role{{#var: i}}|}}}
  | {{{role{{#var: i}}}}};[[{{{name{{#var: i}}}}}]];{{{comment{{#var: i}}|}}}{{ #vardefine: i | {{ #expr: {{ #var: i }} + 1 }} }}{{#if:{{{role{{#var: i}}|}}}| 
| }}
| table="testtable" |fs=";" |class="wikitable" |style="text-align:left"}}</nowiki>

The table is perfectly rendered on the page that transcludes the template! (see screenshot)

The problem with this approach is that no data is ever written into the DB. Using a regular <datatable2></datatable2> approach with the data residing on a regular page or a template everything works fine.

The question is, how do I get the parameter approach to work?

Screenshot of how the different tables look.

Last not least the code used for the rest of the data in the screenshot. These two last approaches work in slightly different ways but I guess that is to be expected:

<datatable2 table="testtable" class="wikitable" 
! Role
! Name
! Comment
var5;Nedorus;Ths data was defined on page 'Nedorus'

Using a template 'IncludeTemplate' and transcluding this into page Nedorus using {{IncludeTemplate}}. The template has this code:

<datatable2 table="testtable" class="wikitable" 
! Role
! Name
! Comment
var4;Nedorus;This data was defined on a template and transcluded to page 'Nedorus'

These two tables use the 'regular' mechanism instead of the parameter approach and work fine!

Cheers and sorry for the long post...


P.S.: The datable talk pages linked at the top of this page do not seem to exist.

Hi Nedorus, thanks for using my extension. I'm afraid there is no way of saving data to the database from within a template. Indeed, the saving mechanism works by scanning the page source code for literal occurrences of <datatble2> without expanding any templates. - RV1971 (talk) 14:14, 28 March 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]

MediaWiki v.1.30.0 edit

I installed this wonderful extension in my MediaWiki, newest version 1.30.0 MediaWiki. Added the extension folder, added a line to the LocalSettings.php (require_once "$IP/extensions/DataTable2/DataTable2.php";) and ran the update.php. No error, tables have been created in the database, everything ok so far. However, if I try to update any page, the result is a http error 500. If I disable this extension by commenting out the line in the LocalSettings.php, everything is working again, I can edit any page succesfully.

It seems to me that this extension is not working anymore with the newer versions of MediaWiki. Am I right in this? I have not been able to find decent alternatives for this extension, it seems one in its kind and very easy to use. Is there some way we can use this extension in a current MediaWiki install?

I have just migrated the source to Gerrit and updated the Extension:DataTable2 accordingly. There you find a branch for MW 1.30 that works for me. Pls let me know if you experience any further difficulty. - RV1971 (talk) 21:44, 10 April 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hi RV, I can confirm that the extension is working fine on MediaWiki 1.30.0. Thanks for the quick update! --Monsieurrouge (talk) 19:32, 11 April 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]