Coding crapEdit

(Yes, I really don't like doing it.)

I think all of these should be MediaWiki options but, for now, hacks/extensions will have to suffice.


Hard to do anything there now since I'm banned...

  • Cleanup Wikipedia:Template messages: group subpages, remove duplicate entries in "General" and "Cleanup", resection/interlink under template type (use categories as aid)

Wikipedia crapEdit

Vote symbolsEdit


This template should not have a forced white background (style="background: #fff;", white, #ffffff, etc) but should, instead, either inherit the existing background (style="background: inherit;") or, simply, not have any background specification at all. The same goes for every other template on Wikipedia.

HTML colorsEdit

(in progress)


29333d 5a7085 606068 797b86 80808a 80828c 8e99a2 9894a0 c6ccd0 d6d7da
greyscale (hex): 000000 111111 222222 333333 444444 555555 666666 777777 888888 999999 aaaaaa bbbbbb cccccc dddddd eeeeee ffffff
greyscale (RGB):  0  32 64 96 128 160 192 224 255


"It's all relative."