Zürich, 9-11 May 2014

Sessions to attend (schedule):

Hacking topics:

  • Yes Done Primerpedia
    • improved mobile/fluid view
    • find out how to fix the xml mode (solution: use xhtml extension rather than xml) -- thanks, Gabriel Wicke!
      • eventually disable the xml mode anyway because the extracts aren't well-formed xml...
      • started working on using Parsoid for the excerpts. Submitted bugzilla:65169 after trying to get Extension:TextExtracts to use Parsoid as suggested by Mark Traceur.
      • Started implementing directly consuming parsoid from Primerpedia, with help from Gabriel Wicke again :)
    • removed special element hiding rules from css, and implement them in Extension:TextExtracts instead. Thanks Brion for the review & merge!
  • Yes Done Get my pending changes merged
    • gerrit:62157: installer image, change to css background to avoid underline on whitespace -- addressed Krinkle's comments, rebased; MatmaRex found a mistake in my rebase, I fixed it; he +2'd the patchset but it lacked a qqq for the new message. Fixed that as well, and now it's merged!
    • gerrit:65613: install.php cleanup -- reviewed it with Mark, address his comment on the db path, actually implement the "deoptionalization" of the admin username parameter, rebased; merged!
    • gerrit:65554: rename _AdminPassword2 to _AdminPasswordConfirm -- rebased, merged :)
    • gerrit:30641: reorganize commonPrint.css -- abandoned, instead submitted two smaller edits here and here (both merged)
      • update: I eventually decided to retry, and rebased the original change (minus the smaller edits above). After a while, I managed to get it merged asking on IRC, where mutante pointed me to gregg, who pointed me to jgonera, who reviewed it and merged a version with a minor change, kindly performed by bawolff. Almost two years after it was submitted, the change was finally merged!
  • Yes Done Gerard talked me into requesting the adding of kea to wikidata.
  • N Not done Ask Krinkle to update the jsUpdater (see relevant thread)
  • Yes Done Test and streamline the install.php one-liner:
    rm -f LocalSettings.php && rm -f db/db.sqlite/my_wiki.sqlite && mkdir -p db/db.sqlite/ && touch db/db.sqlite/my_wiki.sqlite
    php maintenance/install.php WIKINAME USERNAME --pass=PASSWORD --dbtype=sqlite --dbpath=db/db.sqlite
  • Yes Done Pick stuff from User:Waldir#Potential bugs for hacking sessions