Amsterdam, 24-26 May 2013
  • Workshops:
    • Wikidata [fri 13:30]
    • Lua/Scribuntu [fri 14:30]
    • learn how to use Vagrant [sat 9:30]
      Also, try the install.php one-liner:
      rm -f LocalSettings.php && rm -f db/db.sqlite/my_wiki.sqlite && mkdir -p db/db.sqlite/ && touch db/db.sqlite/my_wiki.sqlite
      php maintenance/install.php WIKINAME USERNAME --pass=PASSWORD --dbtype=sqlite --dbpath=db/db.sqlite
      test it, and make sure these parameters work; add some documentation to the file and its Manual entry)
    • Toolserver --> Labs migration [sat 11:00]
  • Get my Gerrit patchsets merged / clear my review queue
  • bugzilla:42964 - Add support for more types of Flickr URLs to UploadWizard
  • How to use the API + JS to make edits without reloading the page. See HotCat and Cat-a-lot for inspiration, and make a minimal working example.
  • bugzilla:29488 - Make pages accessed from special:random display a redirect notice. Most useful for when a custom random link --e.g. Special:Random/talk-- is followed.
  • Redirected files don't show the "redirected from" line
  • Skins work with User:Felipe Schenone
    • gerrit:65319 (later superseded by gerrit:138795 by MatmaRex)
    • Google docs containing three main sections
      • The tasks planned for the hackathon
      • A survey of existing documentation about skins
      • A draft for an overview doc about MediaWiki skins (this ended up not going anywhere after the hackathon 😞)
  • Questions:
    • Why does Special:Blocklist's wpOptions url parameter use []? That makes linking to it in wikitext not work correctly.
    • "Mark as patrolled" refers to a revision, right? I so, it shouldn't say "mark this page as patrolled"
    • What's the difference between MediaWiki:Sitesubtitle (seems to be only used in the CologneBlue skin), MediaWiki:Tagline and $wgExtraSubtitle (seems to only be used in SkinLegacy.php)? This section might have some insights.
    • Why doesn't Special:WhatLinksHere display entries in alphabetical order?
    • Why is Media: a virtual namespace rather than a parser function?
    • Is it possible to change the url when following a redirect? what are the drawbacks? cache invalidation? reload (new http request)?
    • would it be possible to enable transclusion of Special:Random?