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I am a PHP developer and an editor on Wikipedia and meta. I operate several bot scripts which I refer to collectively as "TisaneBot." They create logs of the RecentChanges IRC channel. Note that some of these logs may be incomplete due to the bot going down for maintenance or other reasons. My commit name is tisane.

Wikipedia watchlist

Extensions I have written edit

If you need support for these extensions, I will be happy to help you. Just drop me a line on my talk page.

To do list edit

Here are some tasks I want to accomplish at some point. Some tasks are higher priority (i.e. importance) than others, but I've bolded the ones that are likely to get done first due to their being easier to accomplish.

High priority edit

Create capability:

  •   Done To have existence-detecting wikilinks to a page on a remote wiki (or other website) using a list of existent remote pages
  • To incorporate the list of existent remote pages into local categories
  • To autospawn remote edits to the local wiki through syncing ("s") edits (or maybe "e" for "external" edits, or "i" for "interwiki" edits?)
  •   Done To implement "front matter" and "back matter"
  •   Done To implement pure wiki deletion (see bug 3843) - this one could be a bit tricky
  • To resolve page name collisions associated with those autospawns
  • To resolve and prevent user name collisions between local wiki and remote wiki
  • To do differential backups and incremental backups as a method of data dumping, using a web interface or API
  • To regulate access control of individual pages
  • To implement user-creatable wikiplexes
  • To implement local/remote differentiation in wikilinks (for partially integrated wikis)
  •   Done To implement forced wikilinks - i.e. word/phrases that are wikified locally regardless of whether they were wikified at the remote wiki
  • Allow one page title to be an alias for another
  • Make the syncing or maintenance edits be even less visible than bot edits

Medium/low priority edit

Create capability:

  • For a user to delete a page whose history contains only edits by that user - possibly mooted by PWD
  • For non-email based private messaging
  • For user authentication (e.g. by PayPal)
  • For revamped talk pages (probably with an editable header and then a messages part; the header might be front matter)
  • For one-step addition of images to a gallery
  • For wikigold transfers
  • For making keyboard shortcuts display or not, according to user preferences
  • For users to protect their own userpages
  • For protection whitelists and blacklists to be created
  • For implementation of a <dubious> tag that prevents content from being viewed unless the user opts in
  • For implementation of red interwiki links to check for page existence across local wikis; see Bug 11

Userboxes edit

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