Year 2019Edit


====== Year 2016Edit

Again, we need upgrade our internal wiki site from version 1.23.x to 1.27.x. And review our customized skin to fit in the latest MediaWiki.

Year 2014Edit

I am working for Government of Ontario at Ministry of Government Service and Consumer Service. We have a team here developing and maintaining an internal Social network system based on WordPress and MediaWiki. We have used MediaWiki for more than 6 years, we are currently working on upgrade our MediaWiki instance from version 1.17.x to the latest stable version 1.23.x.

I am focus on update our custom skin to fit the the new skin structure from version 1.23.1.


How to use tags (from Tag Extension) in a template?Edit

You can not use a extension tag directly in a wiki template. However, the magic work #tag will do the trick. Here is a sample.