Brief informationEdit

Real name: Peter Presland

Webmaster:Wikispooks - a mediawiki site that has been live since summer 2010. It aspires to be an encyclopedia of 'deep politics'. In so doing, it's rationale and editorial policy are near polar opposites of Wikipedia's 'reliable sources' and 'neutral point of view' policies; viz - On matters of 'Deep State' policy, official sources (ie government spokesmen and the mainstream media) are deemed to be about as unreliable as it is possible to be. Their purpose is assumed to promote and defend the narratives of power and that every Machiavellian trick in the book is employed so to do. In the process history is clearly and demonstrably falsified.

The Wikipedia Alternative Views project aims to mitigate the problem and is at least a soto-voce recognition that there IS a problem. However, it fails in its purpose by persistent and inevitable resort to pejorative mainstream terms such as 'conspiracy theory/theorist'. The clear message that emerges is that those holding or advocating for 'alternative views' are at best paranoid tin-foil-hat-wearers, who can be safely ignored - but better something than nothing eh?

I'm reasonably tech-savvy but on a strictly amateur basis. I readily admit that, when it comes to the more esoteric stuff - and even some pretty basic stuff on occasion, I need all the help I can get.

The user name 'Sabretache' dates back to my blogging days of 2006-2010.