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My name is Jamie Gray, I'm a Product Designer ( UX / UI Designer ) in Dallas, Texas. I'd love to help contribute to the MediaWiki Design direction, and perhaps eventually work for Wikimedia Design Team. Open Knowledge is so valuable, and I'd love to help improve the rate of knowledge transfer by improving tools like MediaWiki.

Some ideas for MediaWikiEdit

Category managementEdit

  • Absorb functionality from the CategoryTree extension into core user experience, make it easier for laypeople to use (without going into LocalSettings.php etc.)
  • Extend beyond CategoryTree functionality in the following ways:
    • Allow users to "drag and drop" pages into categories.
    • Allow users to define category hierarchy on a single hierarchy view (similar to editing the indented bullet journal Workflowy) instead of managing everything on a per-page basis.

Easier customizationEdit

  • Easy Icon / emoji support for the sidebar elements
  • Icon / emoji support for headers (as a separate element, which can be disabled or hidden)
  • Make it easier to switch themes, show thumbnail previews of the theme colors
  • Browse community themes within the themes page, voting and commenting on each theme

Data qualityEdit

  • Leverage WikiData objects to consolidate information about publishers and sources
  • Use WikiData objects to let users "view page in other wikis"

Design systemEdit


  • Tip Jar functionality to be able to send some $ to contributors (a material way of saying "thanks", especially to encourage more high-quality contributions)

Mobile app (iOS)Edit

  • While scrolling using the scrollbar, show an overlay of the table of contents so users can quickly scroll to the section they're looking for
  • Add a "link" button to each section header (right-alined to the heading title), tap to copy section link to clipboard

Tables as databasesEdit

  • Similar to Notion or Airtable
  • create an instance of a database, ability to reference it elsewhere with different views
  • Views that could be provided:
    • Table (needs UX improvements, such as sticky headers)
    • Lists
    • Boards (Kanban)
    • Galleries

Search improvementsEdit

  • Typing, for example, {{stub}} should go to Template:Stub