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Debugging, Testing

This document explains: why MediaWiki needs even better unit testing, what we're doing now and what we need to do next.

This is also a request for comments & commitments to make our testing environment better.There are three different frameworks

  • Selenium tests (mw:Selenium Framework, old page)
  • QUnit tests (mw:Manual:JavaScript unit testing)
  • PHPunit tests (mw:Manual:PHP unit testing)
More information here.


It is users who are using our software. The UX & Design is working with Kanban to structure their tasks Our users are our customers. Instead of money, they invest their time into our products. Still, software has the potential of creating monetary profit as good and usable software is surely increasing the likelihood of donations. Users have expectations, wishes and requirements that do not necessarily match the ones of the developers, nor the personal opinion of product management. Considering the users’ point of view means respecting the users instead being condescending to them. More rewarding than users just using our software, is users enjoying to use our software.


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The MediaWiki action API is a web service that provides convenient access to wiki features, data, and meta-data over HTTP, via a URL usually at api.php. Clients request particular "actions" by specifying an action parameter, mainly action=query to get information. It was known as the MediaWiki API, but there are now other web APIs available that connect to MediaWiki such as RESTBase and the Wikidata query service. Find out more here.