Hannah Waruguru Njoroge (she/her), Outreachy/Round 25 Intern

I'm a software developer from Nairobi, Kenya.

I attended a Bootcamp here in Kenya in 2021 where I learned Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. I also joined a group of a like-minded team where we would learn the basics of Git and GitHub. I also spent most of my time doing tutorials on Youtube.

Prior to coding, I was a Laboratory Technician/Quality Control Analyst and had also tried a handful of things that weren't working until when I decided to follow my passion for coding.


My internship runs from December 2022 until March 2023, having had a contribution period in October. It is sponsored by Outreachy, a project of the Software Freedom Conservancy..

Part of my internship involves working on a Phabricator task entitled Develop web app for editing Toolhub records.

I run biweekly posts on hannahwaruguru.dreamwidth.org, about my work. This one details my project and workflow pretty thoroughly.

Project description

Develop web app for editing Toolhub records

Toolhub is a community catalog of tools used across many Wiki projects. Its usefulness as such is directly linked to the amount and quality of information it contains. Currently, many tools in Toolhub have missing or incomplete information. While editing this information directly through Toolhub is of course possible, a more streamlined and gamified way with a dedicated UI could make editing faster and more enjoyable.

The inspiration for this project is the tool Citation Hunt. Built for Wikipedia, it allows users to add missing citations without having to search for them across Wikipedia itself. It is available in many different languages and has a 30-day leaderboard. The goal is to make a similar tool for Toolhub.

Here are the Phabricator tasks for this project.