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Erick Guan
Student, Donghua University
Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing.
—Jimmy Wales

When I first found Wikipedia, it's like a treasure to me for its great amount of article. I like the prospect of this project. At that time, Chinese Wikipedia only has about 200k article. As time going by, I read a lot of guidance to start editing, translating and doing maintenance work. Therefore, I wonder what can I do for technical work to ease some unpleasure problem. I want to focus these:

  • Parsoid, especially language converter for enabling Visual Editor for Chinese wiki project.
  • Grid system, responsive design.
  • pajx loading, pushState.
  • More guidance on Visual Editor for better instruction.
  • Flow Extension
  • Easier and central control for commonly used template(e.g. Infobox, Navbox), creating more consistent ux and reduce copying, updating work for local template version.
  • Global module
  • More modern HTML5 feature.

About me

I began editing on Wikipedia since 2008, mainly working on Chinese Wikipedia when I was a junior high school student. Now I'm a sophomore undergraduate at the Department of Computer Science, Donghua University in Shanghai.

I like open source movement, and I'm a Gentoo Linux user. Now I focused on Web development. I also do some little contribution to Discourse now.

My work

I translated some text of Echo, and help Echo Team for deployment on Chinese wiki project. And I've contributed some random issue for MediaWiki-Vagrant, MediaWiki Core and Visual Editor Plugin.

Contact me

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