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Answering technical questions at Help talk:CirrusSearch and at Wikipedia is one way I volunteer.



For MediaWiki, I presided over CirrusSearch's userland, by virtue of being the main editor of the initial help page and by answering the questions on the discussion page. For many months I documented at Help:CirrusSearch, (now moved to /CirrusSearch). My version of CirrusSearch is now 98% informative, 90% polished. Help:CirrusSearch only 70% informative, 50% polished. My documentation is derived by trial and error experiments, guided by heavy usage on Wikipedia, and by what was missing from the available documentation.

I also interact with the folks phabricator.



On Wikipedia I seem to be the main developer of help documentation for:

On Wikipedia since 2006, I edit articles, but mostly I edit help pages, and eventually I got into templates. Dozens of help pages and templates on Wikipedia are largely my versions, such as W:Help:Searching and W:wp:pagename.

I'm most interested in Search. I've developed two templates to help teach and practice regexp searches on Wikipedia: (See W:Template:Template usage and W:Template:regex.)

I watch Wikipedia: Wikipedia: Village pump (technical).

Technical background


I have worked with software releases and field testing for Motorola's CDMA networks. I have an electrical engineering degree and my career was a decade in telecom, bringing up Ericsson and Motorola Cellular systems. I've done a lot of software upgrades, for cellular telephone switches, and other network nodes, both in the lab, and in the field all over the world.



I coddle computers. So

  • Languages are a favorite hobby of mine. C and C++ environments are familiar territory.
  • Linux. I've installed and configured several Linux systems, and also FreeBSD.
  • Text processing. I excel in regex (grep, perl sed, awk), and Vim.
  • I prefer the CLI and the keyboard, so my browser and window managers are bound to keys.
  • Software development. I've written several medium sized apps in Perl, in Bash, and in Vim. I've done several database applications.



I've written a mountain technical and an ocean of prose. I spend most of my spare time