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Proposal to change the content translation tool not to prohibit posting when there are any warnings

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HaussmannSaintLazare (talkcontribs)

I propose to change the content translation tool not to prohibit posting when there are any warnings.

This proposal is similar to phab:T215403 and contains phab:T215403.

However, this proposal is superior to phab:T215403 in two ways:

1. Since many bugs are targeted, it is a workaround for many bugs.

The most bug report on this page is that it cannot be published. It is probably because the text is scratched internally by various program bugs, and it appears when the text is finally published. Such flaws can be corrected by the source editor after publication. So making this change should solve most of the problems without having to fix the bugs. The post-publication fix is already used by translators fixing known bugs such as category bugs (phab:T242613).

2.Since there are few changes, it can be dealt with in a short time, and new bugs are unlikely to be mixed.

This change can probably be achieved by changing only one conditional statement. Compared to that, the condition of phab:T215403 is complicated. It can be inferred that the time required for processing phab:T215403 is related to this complexity.

to managers:

This proposal is also an experiment to see whether it is valid to discuss in this page before posting it to Wikimedia Phabricator. So please don't end the discussion or post it to Wikimdia Phabricator at the discretion of the manageer. And I would like you to participate in the discussion in the same position as general participants.

Thank you !!!

00:30, 17 May 2020

HaussmannSaintLazare (talkcontribs)

Hello !!!

I checked the source code.

I think my proposal can be realized by simply changing

"if ($editStatus === 'Success') {"

in line 207 of ''rECTX/api/ApiContentTranslationPublish.php''(url= to

"if (TRUE) {" .

In this case, it would be better for the manager to edit directly without posting it to Wikimedia Phabricator.

I have very little knowledge of PHP, but I think IF statements aren't much different from other languages.

The writing of "if (TRUE)" may be a bit clumsy, but this proposal is an urgent measure assuming that human resources can hardly be put into bug fix of content traslation, so only minimal changes are required. This is to prevent new bugs from being added.

Thank you !!!

03:14, 19 May 2020