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Text "Send public thanks for this edit?"

Summary by AKlapper (WMF)

Discussion about the text of some MediaWiki extension; offtopic for this page that is about discussing Phabricator itself.

Madglad (talkcontribs)

The Danish Wikipedia contains this question "Send public thanks for this edit?" (in English, thus untranslated), which I guess is common to all MediaWikis. The question contains the word "public", but the thank is not very public. The thank can be seen in the log, but the visible information is only the thanker and the thanked. The log is BTW not easily accessible. The edit thanked for is not visible. Thus I this the word "public" should be omitted. Am I wrong?

Madglad (talkcontribs)

Proposals for a better phrasing:

Send thanks to the editor for this edit?

Send thanks to the editor?

Send thanks for this edit?

Ancheta Wis (talkcontribs)

More proposals:

Thank this editor for the edit?

Thank the editor for the edit?

FriedhelmW (talkcontribs)
Madglad (talkcontribs)

Thanks @FriedhelmW. So the best phrasing will be (omitting "this edit"):

Send public thanks the editor.

As the thank is public, containing thanker and the editor in the log, but the edit is not, and this is also how it is designed to be. Or have I misunderstood?

I ask this question because the phrase must be translated into Danish, but I would prefer it to be correct before I translate.

FriedhelmW (talkcontribs)

"Send public thanks to the editor" sounds good to me.

Madglad (talkcontribs)

Yes of course. Thanks @FriedhelmW.

So is there a consensus about this?

Jdforrester (WMF) (talkcontribs)

No, please move this conversation to an appropriate venue, like a new Phabricator ticket.