Structured Data Across Wikimedia/Section-level Image Suggestions

This page describes the work underway to design and generate image suggestion for sections of articles and build features using those, which is currently in development by the Structured Data Across Wikimedia team.

Section-level image suggestion is an extension of the article-level image suggestions feature, that recommends images for articles on contributors' watchlists that are a good match for individual sections of those articles. This work will build on the work already done on the Image Suggestions feature, in combination with the work currently in development about Section Topics.

How it works edit

Tentative mockup of section-level image suggestions notification

The project is currently experimenting with an approach based on notifications. The goal is to embed the suggestions in the user’s existing Wikipedia activities through weekly notifications, thus increasing the likelihood they will review such suggestions and add selected images as part of their current editing workflow. Contributors can choose to edit via Wikitext or Visual Editor, and can review the image and the article information in the notification.

Similarly to what already happens with the article-level image suggestions feature, a contributor who has at least 500 edits will receive up to two notifications per week, selected from the list of matched recent images to unillustrated sections of articles. The articles will be chosen combining the results of the Image Suggestions Algorithm, of MediaSearch and of Section Topics.

Based on the information provided in the notification, the user can:

  1. go through their normal image addition workflow (e.g. choose to insert the image with wikitext or Visual Editor insert flow)
    • in this case, just the opportunity to review the match will be provided to the user - no additional help or feature will be provided
  2. click on “Review image” in the notification
    • this will redirect the user to the image on Commons
  3. click on “Review article” in the notification
    • this will redirect the user to the article on Wikipedia

Metrics and analytics edit

We are planning on measuring the following metrics, to analyze the performance of the current testing and determine whether the tool is successful:

  1. Number of notifications sent
  2. Number of image suggestions notifications opened (measuring engagement with notifications)
  3. Number of opt-outs (low number of opt-outs = notifications are useful)
  4. Number of images suggested that are added to the matched section within a month of receiving the notification
  5. Number of suggested images not reverted from their matched section (low revert rate = good quality of suggested matches)

Feedback edit

Project feedback is and will always be welcome. We are especially interested in your ideas, and we are looking forward to hearing from you on the talk page about the following open questions:

  1. What is your opinion about the approach outlined above?
  2. How many combined suggestions per week are too many or too little for you?
  3. How often would you like to see such suggestions?
  4. Should we be providing more assistance to editors in placing the image in the article?
  5. Would you like to understand better how these suggestions are made?