Données structurées dans Wikimedia/Suggestions d’images

This page is a translated version of the page Structured Data Across Wikimedia/Image Suggestions and the translation is 45% complete.

Cette page décrit le travail en cours de conception et de construction de la fonctionnalité de suggestion d’images pour les utilisateurs expérimentés, un outil en train d’être développé par l’équipe Données structurées au sein de Wikimedia.

This work will build on the work already begun as part of the “Add an image” structured task project. However, its focus will be shifted towards improving the processes for experienced contributors. In particular, we will target users who have edited or watched a particular article or set of articles, since they are likely to be experts in the topic and to have interest in seeing that article(s) improve.

Après avoir collecté les commentaires de plusieurs communautés, le projet est passé maintenant dans une première phase de test qui analyse l'utilisation des notifications pour alerter les utilisateurs sur les images potentiellement utiles aux articles Wikipedia.


L'interface utilisateur de la Suggestion est un composant clé du projet SDAW et permet le développement de systèmes pour les données structurées, à travers tous les projets Wikimedia.

Images are key for illustrating concepts and helping people understand subjects. Considering that Wikimedia Commons contains 65 million images, we believe that it is possible to make Wikipedias substantially more illustrated with Commons images. We believe that Structured Data can open an enduring pipeline for enriching content between Commons and Wikipedia. This will help us, in turn, to grow and diversify contributors, improve content for readers, and narrow gaps in content.

Despite that, in many Wikipedias more than half of the articles have no images. This is mainly due to the complexity of the current workflow of adding media and making connections between content and images. We want to make this process easier.

Le projet

Quel est notre point de départ

As we already said, the tool will build on the work already done for the “Add an image” structured task project. The Image Suggestion API, built by the Platform Engineering team, combines the results of the Image Suggestions Algorithm and MediaSearch to provide suggestions for images matches to unillustrated articles, using the following approach:

  1. Voir l'élément de Wikidata pour l'article.
    1. S'il possède image (P18), suggérer cette image.
    2. S'il possède Commons category (P373), suggérer une image de la catégorie.
  2. Voir les articles sur le même sujet dans les Wikipedias des autres langues et suggérer une image principale à partir de ces articles.
  3. Search MediaSearch on Commons for the title of the article, which combines traditional text-based search with structured data from Commons and Wikidata. If an image ranks high enough in the results, suggest that image.

In initial tests, the combined algorithms can suggest images for up to 40% of all unillustrated articles on a given Wikipedia. We are currently doing further testing of the accuracy of the matches. Also, the Android and Growth teams are testing ideas that use the Image Suggestion API to allow newcomers to add images to articles via the suggested tasks interface.

We are also experimenting with adding the results from the Image Suggestions Algorithm directly to MediaSearch. We hope that will simplify the process technically and improve MediaSearch results. See tâche T283869 on Phabricator for more information.

Ce que nous voulons faire

Pour previous mockups and ideas, voir : Structured Data Across Wikimedia/Image Suggestions/2021-02.
Pour more information about the current tool architecture, voir : Structured Data Across Wikimedia/Image Suggestions/Data Pipeline.

The project is currently experimenting with an approach based on notifications. The goal is to embed the suggestions in the user’s existing Wikipedia activities through weekly notifications, thus increasing the likelihood they will review such suggestions and add selected images as part of their current editing workflow. Contributors can choose to edit via Wikitext or Visual Editor, and can review the image and the article information in the notification.

Flux de travail

Cette maquette présente globalement la manière d'afficher les notifications dans la liste des notifications de l'utilisateur.

Voici le flux de travail actuel. Vous trouverez un lien pour chacune des tâches qui a été délarée dans Phabricator.

  1. Notifications are sent weekly to all users who have at least 500 edits at a predefined day and time (e.g. every Monday at 08:00 AM UTC), all across the globe → see tâche T292147 on Phabricator
  2. Notification includes a link to user’s preferences to allow users to opt out of the notifications → about opting-out, see tâche T292146 on Phabricator
    • “Image Suggestions” options would be added to bottom of the list of users’ opt-in/opt-out notifications
  3. Les suggestions sont sélectionnées au hasard, à partir de la liste des images utilisées récemment dans les articles non illustrés, et construite en utilisant les algorithmes expliqués ci-dessus
  4. Les utilisateurs sont choisis au hasard dans un groupe d'utilisateurs qui :
    • a déja fait au moins 500 modifications sur le projet
    • qui ne s'est pas désabonné de la notification
    • a reçu au maximum 2 notifications d'images pour une semaine donnée
  5. L'outil va vérifier la liste de suivi de l'utilisateur pour les articles modifiés ces 30 derniers jours
    • If the user has already received a notification for the article ID, the tool skips to the next article
    • Otherwise, it matches one suggestion and sends the notification
  6. If image matches remain, then the tool checks for other articles on users watchlist
  7. The notification process will be generated weekly, until image matches are exhausted or applicable users are exhausted
    • Notifications for a particular article-image match notification will only be shown once to a particular user
    • The same match can be sent to multiple users to review (except in the case the image has been inserted)

Expérience utilisateur

Based on the information provided in the notification, the user can:

  1. go through their normal image addition workflow (e.g. choose to insert the image with wikitext or Visual Editor insert flow)
    • in this case, just the opportunity to review the match will be provided to the user - no additional help or feature will be provided
  2. click on “Review image” in the notification
    • ceci redirigera l'utilisateur vers l'image de Commons
  3. click on “Review article” in the notification
    • ceci redirige l'utilisateur vers l'article de Wikipedia

Idées pour l'avenir

The following bullet list lists all the ideas that are out of scope of the current test stage, but might be worked upon in the future:

  • Suggestions to users who have uploaded images on Commons that match articles
  • Suggestions given in other ways besides via notifications (e.g. suggestions in the image search dialogue in VisualEditor)
  • Articles illustrés
  • Suggestions d'images de niveau section
  • outil pour aider les utilisateurs à ajouter des images à l'article
  • page d'accueil pour permettre aux utilisateurs de relire plusieurs suggestions d'un seul coup
  • Limiting notifications only to users who have a history of adding images to articles in the last 30 days

Métriques et analyse

We are planning on measuring the following metrics, to analyse the performance of the current testing and determine whether the tool is successful:

  1. nombre de notifications envoyées
  2. Number of image suggestions notifications opened (measuring engagement with notifications)
  3. Number of opt-outs (low number of opt-outs = notifications are useful)
  4. Number of images suggested that are added to the matched article within a month of receiving the notification
  5. Number of suggested images not reverted from their matched article (low revert rate = good quality of suggested matches)

Ce que nous ne voulons pas faire

  • Create a new tool that will go unused due to lack of incentive for use
  • ennuyer les utilisateurs par trop de notifications
  • encourager des modifications qui se verraient annulées en trop grand nombre
  • Encourage edits that go against existing policies and/or practises (NPOV, original research...)
  • Encourage edits that introduce additional bias in the article


Project feedback is and will always be welcome. We are especially interested in your ideas, and we are looking forward to hearing from you on the talk page about the following open questions:

  1. Que pensez-vous des approches présentées ci-dessus ?
  2. Faut-il aider les contributeurs en indiquant où doivent se placer les images ?
  3. How can we help users make sure they are following the conventions of a particular wiki when choosing and placing an image?
  4. How can we help users add appropriate captions?
  5. How can we help users add appropriate alt-text?



Que fait l'outil de suggestion d'image ?

The image suggestion tool is a key component of the Structured Data Across Wikimedia project, and it aims to make it easier for users to find potential images and media for currently unillustrated articles.

Does the Image suggestion tool somehow intersect with the “Add an image” tool from the Growth Team?

Technically yes. The two tools share the same algorithm, but they also serve different purposes:

  • the “Add an image” tool is intended for newcomers and less experienced users, who have little to no experience with adding images;
  • the Image suggestion tool is intended for more established users, who already have experience with adding images and other media to articles (i.e. users with more than 500 edits).

Quel est le lien de l'outil de suggestion d'images avec Wikidata et les données structurées de Commons ?

This tool will leverage the data coming from Wikidata and Structured Data on Commons to find potential media to add on unillustrated Wikipedia articles.

More specifically, the tool will look at the relative Wikidata item, and will check if it has an image (through Wikidata property P18) or an associated Commons category (through Wikidata property P373). If in both cases no potential images are found, it will look at other Wikipedia articles in other languages to see if there is a lead image to be found. Finally, the tool will search MediaSearch on Commons for the title of the article, and if an image ranks high enough in the results, the tool will choose that image.

Comment fonctionnent les notifications ?

The tool will select up to two unillustrated articles per week from the list of articles in a user’s watchlist. Each particular article-image match will be shown only once to the user. The selection will prioritize articles edited at least once in the last 30 days.

If a user has already received a notification for a particular article, the tool will proceed to the next one in the list. The notification process will be generated weekly, until image matches or applicable users are exhausted.

Quelles images seront suggérées pour la correspondance ?

Only images from Wikimedia Commons will be suggested for the article-image matches. There is no plan to extend notifications also to locally-uploaded images.

Comment suspendre les notifications ?

If you don't want to receive notifications (any more), go to Special:GlobalPreferences, then click the tab "Notifications", and remove the ticks related to Image suggestions. Note: this works only if you access Global Preferences through one of the projects that have Image suggestions enabled (so far: Catalan, Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Russian Wikipedia).

Puis-je générer des suggestions d'images pour un événement ou une campagne ?

Oui. C'est possible avec certaines limitations. Go to Category Based Notifications for instructions.