Scrum of scrums/2016-08-10




Reading WebEdit

iOS native appEdit

  • 5.0.6 Passed Regression last week
    • Holding while we diagnose a memory crash
    • Working with beta testers to verify fixes

  • 5.1 is in Development
    • Major features are iPad and Find in Page
    • Expectd to be feature complete end of week
    • Expected to go to beta next week

  • 5.2 Scheduled to begin development next week
    • iOS 10 release
    • Major features are Widgets and Feed improvements
    • Expected to go to beta in early september

Android native appEdit

Mobile Content ServiceEdit

Reading InfrastructureEdit

  • Gergo working on pywikibot issue, Brad is OOO

Community TechEdit



  • Blocked:
    • We're waiting on Design Research with phab:T141069 so we can work with them on phab:T141068 for the new wikitext editor work.
  • Blocking:
    • Parsing team are waiting for our response on "native" Parsoid <gallery> implementation. Thalia will look at it.
  • Updates:
    • Now live for logged-in users on Arabic-script Wikipedias; logged-out users planned for next week, then Indic script Wikipedias
    • Lots of the team in town this week. Working on a few things. Come talk to us if you're also in town and want to say hi.
    • HTML diffs for partial page saving (so faster saves); needs input from Services team on branch of RESTbase; PR forthcoming
    • New wikitext editor work continues; and so on



  • Blocked:
    • Is there an update on thumbor production status? (Performance?) It's still blocking ImageTweaks deployment.
  • Blocking: None of which we're aware.
  • Updates:
    • Continuing our work on FileAnnotations; currently pending on




  • No blockers
  • Working on BM25 implementation
  • Working on multi-wiki indexes
  • Question mark removal deployed
  • Bugfixes for cross-language search deployed
  • Portal stats updated + fixes for small languages

Interactive TeamEdit

  • Working on deploying <mapframe> and <maplink> to all non-Wikipedia sites
  • Working on replacing GeoHack with <maplink> + info screen on all Wikipedias
  • Working on deploying Tabular data on Commons. Already synced up with Wikidata.



  • refinery deployment migrated to scap3, tested and everything works well
  • sqooping all mediawiki databases out to hdfs, from dbstore1002, so far seems to not impact that machine much
  • pagecounts-raw and pagecounts-all-sites dataset updates have been stopped, old files remain, upgrade to the new pageviews or pagecounts-ez datasets as per:
  • eventlogging kafka pipeline upgraded to fix broker restart bug
  • follow-up on pageview spike: Windows update caused a problem with the TLS handshake in Chrome 41



  • Parsoid move to Jessie and node 4 complete
  • Electron PDF rendering service discussion:
  • Working on new kafka driver for Change-Prop - deploy as soon as kafka upgrade to 0.9

Technical OperationsEdit

  • Blocked
    • None
  • Blocking
    • None
  • Updates
    • Parsoid clusters upgraded to jessie throughout the week
    • Worked with research to get ORES workers their own dedicated cluster. Hardware estimations done
    • xkey meeting held.
    • Review of ContentTranslation apertium packages ongoing
    • labs got openstack liberty upgrade



  • No blockers.
  • New features on (live preview of example queries, map layers).
  • Working on first feedback we got from publishing the Commons MediaInfo prototype.
  • Layout tweaks to the default Wikidata UI.

Fundraising TechEdit

  • No blockers
  • Deploying and monitoring first activemq replacement changes
  • Minor Central Notice deploy with tonight's SWAT
  • Testing background contact de-duping script for CiviCRM


  • No blockers
  • Ori still out
  • Still doing heavy refactoring in ResourceLoader/Outputpage for the critical rendering path
  • Still working on transaction bugfixes and improvements for multi-DC
  • WebpageTest now supports Opera Mini & UC Mini
  • Thumbor plugins test suite complete, production work to resume next week
  • Team offsite to be in NY area end of November