Scrum of scrums

Scrum of Scrums has been officially discontinued as of August 2, 2021

To keep Wikimedia Product and Technology teams abreast of one another, we have a weekly scrum of scrums (SoS) meeting where representatives from each department exchange updates.


Facilitator responsibilities

  • Wiki
    • Within 24 hours after the weekly Scrum of Scrums meeting on Wednesdays, copy this week’s content from the etherpad to subpage of this page. Example: Scrum of scrums/2019-03-20.
    • Create the page with source editor. That will remove all formatting. (If you have New wikitext mode enabled in Special:Preferences, if you paste as wikitext via Ctrl or Cmd+V from the etherpad it will double every new line. Instead, do paste-as-plaintext via Ctrl or Cmd+⇧ Shift+V.)
    • Fix formatting errors (mostly whitespace) and typos.
    • Make sure that all blocking/blocked tasks are in both teams. (If team A is blocked by team B with task T, the task should be in blocked section of team A and blocking section of team B.)
    • Delete empty sections (teams with no updates, blocking/blocked/updates with no content).
  • Etherpad
  • E-mail
    • To: wikitech-l.
    • Subject: Scrum of scrums/[DATE]. Example: Scrum of scrums/2019-05-01
    • Body:
      • URL of the wiki page.
      • Source of the wiki page.
    • Example: [Wikitech-l] Scrum of scrums/2019-05-01
    • Check wikitech-l about once a week to see if the email sparked any questions.

Meeting notes