Scrum of scrums/2014-04-30

Task WallEdit



Notable itemsEdit

  • Jenkins currently stuck on unclean checkout, Parsoid unable to deploy[1]
  • GettingStarted cookie troubles; Growth & Ops collaborating on redeployment
  • New DC contract signed; announcement pending. Majority of Tampa (10th floor) emptied.
  • Zero working on MCC-MNC logging, plans to alter Core's $wfDebugLog date granularity
  • Compact Personal Bar beta feature releasing May 1st
  • Language team still travelling


S Page (absent) New product manager Danny Horn!

  • HTML templating with Handlebars/lightncandy progresses,
  • sharing RL code with Mobile team in Mantle extension
  • ready for security review in ~2 weeks
  • improving API prior to Zurich Hackathon
  • sharing Parsoid CSS with VE team



  • Continued shifting about oojs but nothing pressing
  • Carrying out more pilot site deployments this week; French and Dutch getting hit tomorrow
  • Tittering about surveys on analytics-l. Nothing pressing but we're in discussion with them.

Partners (Wikipedia Zero)Edit

Adam B

  • I may need to drop off the call, as we have a manual deployment (this meeting conflicts with our weekly deployment window).
  • MCC-MNC apps logging (#102). Adam B working on patch to log MCC-MNC code with edge IP once per app session on cellular data in rebooted apps. May add some extra hits, but nothing computationally intensive. Adam wiull need to update MediaWiki Core to ensure that wfDebuglog logs the datetime at date granularity (YYYYMMDD) instead of at the currently finer level of granularity. Header will be X-MCCMNC and will not vary the cache.
  • #95 Analytics W0 dashboards: Christian's working on it, there's nothing to discuss. I think this can be closed.
  • #2 ESI headers: blocked until upgrade, Adam starting on GIFificaton POC at end of week given no firedrills
  • #76 Wikipedia Zero Portal: move to Ops
    • Brandon working on patch at to allow authenticated calls to retrieve configuration configuraton blobs. ZeroRatedMobileAccess code going in today to allow authenticated calls.
    • Yuri working through notion of configuraton dictionaries that could be parsed by VCL in order to get fully dynamic operator tagging; he will run this concept by Brandon to see if the revised approach would work (previously there were mixed feelings about some of this stuff)
  • #57 Firefox OS Exploration: Jon has been tinkering with Visual Editor in the alpha mode HTML5 POC


Chris McMahon

  • Quarterly review today
  • Final throes of two new hires
  • Porting browser test builds to WMF Jenkins with headless Firefox etc.etc.
  • Refactoring VE tests to not log in
    • Found new bugs doing this
      • will meet with Roan Friday on this

Platform and RelEngEdit


  • #82, are we still on point?
  • #76 move to Ops
  • #103 trusty vm in Labs (to help with hhvm)



  • Parsoid/Deployments
  • much work on images & links
  • DOM template parameters coming along
  • Parsoid-specific CSS RL module now merged & deployed in collab with S & VE team; will provide centralized place for Parsoid-specific CSS [2]
  • push for perf, Obama parse time about 30% improved (10.4s)
  • ops dependency: public Debian repo; hoping to tackle this with Filippo
  • (#104) Jenkins currently stuck on unclean checkout ( issue:
  • ops: would be good to develop a plan for SPDY support to counteract manual bundling work-arounds bugzilla:33890


The part interacting most with other teams is the anonymous editor acquisition experiment. Currently, we're in the prep-work phase. We deployed a cookie-based token for that on Monday. There were a couple bugs in production, one with a hook, and one with a Varnish interaction, but they've both been solved and it's now being re-reviewed ( and This will need ops review (#105). Also mw.cookie is ready for review (, so I'd appreciate if you take a look.


  • EventLogging outage while migration to db1048 in process. Still not 100% smoothly recovered, and there are data gaps we're looking into


  • #100 - still some patches needed from VE, Trevor says they should be done soon
  • Compact Personal Bar beta feature releasing May 1st (not mobile, but done by mobile team)



  • New hire
  • Filippo Giunchedi, starting on Monday May 5th (will work on things related to #85)
  • New DC
  • Signed!
  • Announced being prepared, going out in blog/social media this week
  • Procurement for equipment & network there underway
  • Tampa migration
  • 10th floor (sdtpa) emptied out last week
  • Very few servers remaining on the 12th floor (mostly a DR copy, a handful of prod services such as IRC and PDF)
  • HHVM
  • A MWCore/ops quarterly goal now
  • Packaging work underway from ops' side
  • Going to work on revamping appserver puppet manifests next
  • Public Debian repo
  • On-hold until Filippo's onboarded
  • Multimedia
  • Discussions last week with multimedia regarding imagescaler short- and long-term goals
  • Discussion about API caching on the ops list
  • On-going expansion of Swift
  • Coming up: discussion about our thumbs
  • On-going expansion of LVS @ esams
  • IRC moving to eqiad
  • Analytics
  • Work towards Hadoop writing to logstash; working in Labs
  • eventlogging logs now in HDFS
  • varnish text data now in HDFS too, woo!
  • want to upgrade cluster to CDH 5.
  • Misc
  • New PHPLuasandbox package deployed to prod
  • JSDuck version 5 deployed to CI


  • #84 is progressing: VE now uses ext.parsoid.styles module
  • Other cards are stalled, we've been busy cleaning up broken things
  • Deployed a fix for typography rewrite not changing VE font correctly; this broke other things, we're still cleaning up