Planned deployments, linked from wikitech:Deployments. For a list of past deployments, look for 'parsoid' in wikitech:Server Admin Log.

For the current train deploy schedule, see MediaWiki 1.36/Roadmap#Schedule for the deployments.

See wikitech:Parsoid#Deploying changes to learn how to deploy a new version of Parsoid.

Apr 13-15: Yes V0.13.0-a32 as part of 1.36.0-wmf.39Edit

  • T279451: Use a protected key to distinguish comments internal to Parsoid
  • Remove option to tunnelFosteredContent
  • T279184: Fix undefined DSR notice
  • T279182: Handle comments that decode to valid json
  • T279223: Handle empty text nodes in Selective Serializer
  • Only call encapTokens if we're wrapping

Apr 6-8: Yes V0.13.0-a31 as part of 1.36.0-wmf.38Edit

  • Process jsconfigvars from core parser output
  • Minor bug fix in handling of {{{arg}}} in TemplateHandler
  • T277800: Add some logging around failing preg_replace when serializing

Mar 30-Apr 2: Yes V0.13.0-a30 as part of 1.36.0-wmf.37Edit

  • T269749, T277415: ListHandler: when in EOL state, close lists always
  • DOMPostProcessor: Extract function to update <body> classes
  • DOMPostProcessor: Extract function to export style modules in <head>
  • T276620: html2wt: Improve heuristics enabling reuse of separators from source
  • T274521, T30980: Be more permissive for extension tag names
  • T278074: Handle wikilinks misnested in media links
  • T278074: Log an error if media structure is messed up
  • Allow use of newest version of wikimedia/remex-html

Mar 23-25: Yes V0.13.0-a29 as part of 1.36.0-wmf.36Edit

  • phab:T275918: French spacing: don't require non-space before French spacing
  • phab:T223797: Strip newlines from Category sortkeys
  • ListHandler: Close holes in tracing code
  • WrapTemplates: Extract functions to improve code comprehensibility

Mar 17-18: Yes Backport of v0.13.0-a28 to 1.36.0-wmf.35Edit

  • Fix roundtripping interwiki links with complex targets that have colons (follow up to patch in -a27 for phab:T276649 to fix regression).
  • Separators: Code cleanup and documentation fixes

Mar 16-18: Yes Deployed v0.13.0-a27 as part of 1.36.0-wmf.35Edit

  • phab:T199070: More permissive regexp for nested extension start tags
  • No need to protect opening angle bracket in extension tag
  • Stop allowing spaces before extension closing tag name
  • Add some explanatory comments for ref in ref
  • phab:T276649: Subpages on interwiki / language links are invalid
  • phab:T276388: Check for multiples doesn't apply to follows

Mar 2-4: Yes Deployed v0.13.0-a26 as part of 1.36.0-wmf.33Edit

  • T248369: Follow on patch to wikilink in extlink for video and audio content
  • T248369: Adding linter case for media in extlink
  • T275503: WTUtils::isFirstEncapsulationWrapperNode expects a node
  • TplWrap: Fix edge case bug that expanded template scope unnecessarily
  • T240642: WrapSections: Don't crash if we have incomplete DSR information

Feb 23-25: Yes Deployed v0.13.0-a25 as part of 1.36.0-wmf.32Edit

  • T215999 Lint duplicated media width options; lint bogus media width options
  • T255007 Don't apply French spacing in raw text elements
  • T272232 Modify UTF-8 regex to use builtin PCRE validation
  • T242068 Add lint for Parsoid wikilinks in extlinks with italic or bold
  • T265720 TableFixups: One more mishandled scenario with newlines
  • Minor robustness fix in WikitextEscapeHandlers
  • WrapTempates: Get rid of unused property in template ranges

No new deploy with 1.36.0-wmf.31Edit

Feb 16: Yes Deployed v0.13.0-a24 as part of 1.36.0-wmf.30Edit

  • TableFixups: Minor tweaks
  • Don't apply border class to thumbs

Feb 16: Yes Deployed v0.13.0-a23 as part of 1.36.0-wmf.30Edit

  • Template Wrapping: don't expand range unnecessarily
  • phab:T270373: Use prefixed text for content of links up the path
  • Separate arguments to getPipeline
  • Get rid of parseToplevelDoc
  • Add $frame to ParserPipeline and remove from pipeline stages
  • Refactor sanitization in a normalizeKey function
  • phab:T267974: Contract multiple underbars in a row in refnames to a single underbar
  • Get rid of rtTestMode (used for pre-production testing only)

Jan 18 - 22: No deployEdit

No deploy due to week shortened by WMF holiday.

Jan 11 - 15: Yes Deployed v0.13.0-a22 as part of 1.36.0-wmf.26Edit

  • T270180: Handle selser edge case for first content-node of <body> (follow up to T262448 patch included in -a18)
  • T267974: Fix for Parsoid Cite refname whitespace handling
  • T237538: Disentangle Disambiguator extension from Parsoid
  • T260082, T271357: More papering over in References.php (follow up to T259676 patch included in -a6)
  • T265094: Handle newlines in wikilinks for selser as well (follow up to T265094 patch included in -a17)
  • Other: Disable rt-testing mode, clean up most old code from Parsoid/JS, tweak rt test configuration

Jan 5 - 7: Yes Deployed v0.13.0-a21 as part of 1.36.0-wmf.25Edit

  • T251641: Emit span tags instead of figure-inline
  • Bump output content version to 2.2.0
  • T51538: Add parameters to various cite errors
  • T270307: Allow Parsoid extension modules to be unregistered
  • Tokenizer: Don't eat leading spaces from template values
  • T269719: PHP 8.0 compatibility, Remove PHPUtils::coalesce

Deployments from previous yearsEdit