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For the current train deploy schedule, see MediaWiki 1.40/Roadmap#Schedule for the deployments.

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Jan 23 - Jan 25: Yes V0.17.0-a12 as part of 1.40.0-wmf.20Edit

  • Remove the paragraph rule
  • Rename xmlish_tag_opened to just xmlish_tag
  • Permit old tvar syntax in all places where annotation tags are present
  • Avoid matching xmlish_tag unnecessarily
  • Move ScriptUtils to a namespace that makes it available in vendor
  • Sync parserTests with core
  • Treat behaviour switches as sol transparent in grammar, T327045
  • Git rid of stale comments that are no long relevant
  • Add "git fetch" to the regression-testing script

Jan 17 - Jan 19: Yes V0.17.0-a11 as part of 1.40.0-wmf.19Edit

  • Add documentation about localization required in section metadata
  • Add ContentMetadataCollector::setTOCData()
  • SectionMetadata: Add ::setExtensionData() to let extensions set custom data, T326677
  • TOCData: workaround for non-recursive JsonCodec, T312589
  • Sync parserTests with core
  • Adjust some whitespace in the grammar
  • Add a getter for i18n attribute names, T309024
  • Address FIXMEs in WTUtils A-tag helpers
  • Sync parserTests with core
  • Cleanup: Rename WTUtils helpers to better reflect expectations
  • Serialize empty twoway key in language variant, T302678
  • Add more output to parserTests for "unexpected pass" and "changes"
  • Use Parsoid's UrlUtils::parseUrl to parse wikilinks, T325329
  • Adding tests for copy-paste of table cells in rows, T319143

Jan 9 - Jan 11: Yes V0.17.0-a10 as part of 1.40.0-wmf.18Edit

  • [VIM tooling]: Syntax highlighting for parser tests
  • Sync parserTests with core
  • composer.json: Allow wikimedia/object-factory ^5.0.0
  • Sanitizer: Minor code style / perf tweak to sanitizeTitleURI
  • Mocha test for fetching old revision content, T324801
  • Followup to e121f4fc: Update hLevel property in SectionMetadata
  • Fix behavior of AddRedLinks when parse_url returns false, T325329
  • Don't reuse separator between newly inserted cell and cell, T319143
  • NodeData: Allow dynamic properties on PHP 8.2, T314099
  • DOM\Document: Add body parameter for caching, T324902
  • Lint away 'pxpx', T207032
  • Redlink cleanups and new tests, T309024

Deployments from previous yearsEdit