Scrum of scrums/2014-03-26

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit

  • Multimedia is blocked by ops, QA, and OOJS review for their impending release
  • Zero blocked by ops on review for portal
  • Growth still awaiting code review from platform/core RE deletion logging enhancement
  • Chris McMahon is OOO 31 Mar and 1 Apr, contact Zeljko, Antoine or Greg G if you need QA assistance


  • LU rewrite has been deployed. Extensions just migrated to json will take a bit longer to update (migration has to go through the train first).
  • #80 Writing middle layer for ElasticSearch - bootstrap and tm works now with some quirks (Thanks Nik)
  • Just FYI: Summer time starts in most of Europe next week


Clearing off the backlog with

  • VE
  • infrastructure
  • hiring
  • Wikimania
  • 3rd party accounts

in order to devote significant time to the next MobileFrontend iteration

Note: Chris is OOO 31 Mar and 1 Apr, contact Zeljko, Antoine or Greg if you need QA assistance



Continued work on non-linear tours and GettingStarted and GuidedTour cleanup. Sam started a patch ( to provide a cookie module on the client that works the same as the server (mediawiki.cookie). It's a WIP currently.


  • Parsoid/Deployments
  • good progress on HTML templating, PHP port hopefully this week
  • lots of improvements in image handling, some DOM spec updates in that area


  • JVM App Deployment:
   ** coming along!
   ** working on deployment, will start writing lots of docs soon.
  • varnishkafka
 ** Mark and Otto to do some transatlantic troubleshooting soon.


  • #70 - one thing still missing (VE theme split)
  • #87 - would be good to have sooner than later so that we can test VE easily, scheduled



  • #88 - Event logging issue caused this, talking with Ori to transition EventLogging to analytics team. But graphs are updating though there is lost data for the two days EL was down.


  • sharing code!: client storage code with Mobile, also Mobile's approach to loading templates (hogan/handlebars, basically the same)
  • #84 Parsoid CSS in progress


  • Collaborating with mobile and Parsoid as usual
  • Worked with lang eng to get LocalisationUpdate changes merged and deployed, working now modulo pending bug fixes
  • Working on oojs-ui-ifying UploadWizard
    • Goal: embeddability in VE
    • MarkH says they don't have time for it until May; that's OK, RobM will just do it and ask MarkH for review
  • Roan needs to catch up on ResourceLoader code review :S