Scrum of scrums/2014-02-26

Task WallEdit



Notable action itemsEdit

  • Multimedia deploying MMV for logged in users in 2.5-3 weeks
  • Issues with TTMserver (ops/lang)
  • Rolling out Parsoid PHP extension to non-Wikipedias on Monday. Should be fine but it is 700ish wikis so who knows


S Page (in absentia)


Niklas Laxstrom

  • Faidon surfaced an issue with the current setup of TTMserver Solr backend (translation memory and search) ([1])
  • Adding logging of "user sees tofu (fonts missing)" events to ULS



  • ...actually, wow, we pretty much have nothing. oojs-ui is in core and we're steadily working on bringing it into MMV, moment is in core, we have nothing else going.
  • Deployment of MMV as default for logged-in users to pilot sites in about 2.5-3 weeks, BE READY


  • Discussion with Adam regarding contributory features
  • Zero portal (see list) [2]
  • 3 new ops folks joining!

Wikipedia Zero / PartnersEdit

Adam B

  • [3] Android Integration - merged, will have small tweaks requiring code review leading up to launch
  • [4] iOS integration - merged, will have small tweaks requiring code review leading up to launch
  • [5] ESI Headers - on hold until upgrade
  • [6] Support SSL - Per Faidon on SoS today, in progress
  • [7] Wikipedia Zero Portal - email discussions ongoging
  • [8] Firefox OS Exploration - Adam to ping Timo & Roan on RL patch -
  • [9] Deprecation of WAP - no complaints, it seems to be working
  • NEW CARD PLS Support Contibutory Features for HTTPS Operators [10]


  • Jeff Hall's last day is Friday
  • Zeljko is on vacation
  • no issues

Mobile AppsEdit

Brion V

  • need to set up Android app on -- coordinate with Niklas for a time to merge the config
    • gerrit link will be added here later today



  • collaborating with growth on wikimetrics
  • collaborating with fundraising on visualization
  • Christian fixed a couple of gerrit issues since last time, one of them which is a security issue is *not* being deployed until Chad is back next week


Greg G

  • See email re deployments for the next two weeks (Reedy's out)
  • See email re scap updates from Bryan (and screencast!)
    • See also Ryan's email re git-deploy (trigger) updates with screencast!


Roan K

  • Ongoing collaboration with Mobile for mobile link inspector
    • "Should be fine" -- famous last words :P



Matt Flaschen

  • Finished most logging work
  • Working on UI fixes that affect other languages
  • Next, GuidedTour enhancements and refactoring, among other areas